Travel with kids: Tried-and-Tested Tips for Travelling Happy with Kids

They’re five words that every parent dreads hearing; a plaintive cry from the back seat of a car or camper van that means just one thing. The rest of this journey, no matter how long, is not going to be fun.

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Parkdean, the family holiday parks operator with 24 sites around the UK, recently conducted a survey of 1,478 parents to find out just how often they hear ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ during a journey. They discovered that during a single trip, 48% of parents hear their kids ask the question more than six times, and two-thirds hear the first utterance during the first hour!

Travel with kids Are we nearly there yet

When you add travel sickness into the mix, it’s all enough to make even the most patient parents feel anxious about travelling with their children. Thankfully, these parents generously shared their invaluable tips for family trips, and we thought that London Mums readers would appreciate them too – especially with October half term and the Christmas period fast approaching. So read on, and travel happy.

Pack Lots of Things to Keep Your Kids Occupied

Travel with kids 37 per cent Pop

Toys, DVD players, tablets and books were named by parents as the best distractions for little ones during lengthy trips. We’d recommend packing a variety of things, as we all know how quickly kids can become bored, but remember there’s always I-Spy!

Don’t Feel Bad About Turning to Technology

Some parents may balk at the thought of giving their children DVD players or tablets, but 64% of parents said they were confident with allowing their kids to use technology to while away a journey. Indeed, when used in moderation technology can be a sanity-saver for everyone, so load up your devices with age-appropriate children’s apps, games and content so you can all travel peacefully.

Travel with kids Arguing

Take Breaks Every Couple of Hours

It’s understandable that you want to get there quickly, but taking regular breaks is important for everyone in the vehicle. Even if it’s just pulling into a quiet car park to stretch your legs, make a stop at least every two hours to keep everyone refreshed.

Dance the Hours Away with the Kids

Nothing dissolves the tension of a traffic jam like a family Beyoncé karaoke session! According to the survey findings, 37% of kids like to bop away to the latest pop tunes in the car, so load up your music player with sing-along hits.

Have a Packet of Ginger Biscuits Handy

Travel with kids 1st tip

Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea, so have a packet of ginger biscuits ready in your glove compartment. Hand them to your kids regularly to stop travel sickness in its tracks.

Make Sure There’s a Good Supply of Snacks

When your children are getting bored, the last thing you need is for them to be hungry too! Keep a selection of snacks and drinks in a cool bag by the passenger seat. It’s also wise to avoid foods that can melt or become sticky, or fizzy drinks that can cause a mess.

When All Else Fails, Bring On the Bribery

If there’s ever a time for bribery, it’s in the last hour of an arduous journey with your kids when their patience has truly ran out. Whether you promise them a slice of chocolate cake, or a dip in the pool when you arrive at your destination, there’s no shame in persuading your kids to hang in there for just a little longer!

Do you have any child-friendly travel tips of your own to share? We’d love to hear more about them. Share them with us at, and travel safe!


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