Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Going on holiday with babies is one thing, but going on holiday with toddlers is an entirely different story! Once the little ones are independent enough to scurry off to discover new things, there are few things you need to think about it.

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

What to pack:  Every family will be different, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration when you pack. Remember that you will not have access to everything you normally have at home and even the products in supermarkets or chemists will be different. Make a list of the things you use at home, and think about what is necessary and what can be left behind. Check to see what is provided by the establishment you are visiting and what you need to bring with you. In some cases you’ll need to bring your own bedding for a cot, in others you’ll need to bring a cot. Don’t forget their favourite toy, and any food or medications that you know they might need, it’s not fun to try and decode foreign languages when Calpol is all you are looking for and formula may taste different, making it hard for your child to adjust. Don’t forget to pack your child’s documents (ie Red book) in your handbag, as these things are more difficult to replace if your luggage goes missing.

Plan before you travel:  Know your limits and the allowances of what you can take with you when travelling with toddlers on trains and planes. In general we taking your own formula, and buying a bottle of water once you get through security will save you a lot of hassle. Some airlines will let you take a bottle on bard but you will likely have to taste it and formula can take some getting used to!

Talk to your GP:  Before you go on holidays it’s a good idea to check with your GP for any vaccinations or medicines that might be worth taking with you from antibiotic creams to eye drops. Every destination will vary so having a detailed discussion with your GP at least 3 months before you go is key.

Talk before hand:  Before you get on a place or train and when you arrive at your resort, cottage or hotel it’s worth talking to your toddler and deciding on a meeting point in case you get separated. While we like to think we will have an eye on our child at all times, curious minds can be distracted by a brightly coloured cloth or another small person by the pool. You can give them a contact card that has your name, the name of the hotel and your contact number on it, you can pin it to the inside of a jacket or keep it in a pocket, but talk to them about it and explain why it’s there and how to use it. Whether this is something they keep in their pocket or is pined to the inside of their jacket, its only useful if you let them know why it’s there! Talk to them about the uniforms of the people who work on the airline or in the hotel so they know who to approach if they lose sight of you. Although this can be difficult alongside encouraging them not speak to strangers, it’s good for your child to know where to turn.

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Child proof your surroundings:  Your holiday destination is never going to be as safe as the home you live in but there are a few things you can do to childproof your hotel room, but remember you will need to remain vigilant while on holiday and always keep an eye on what the little ones are up to! Make sure that the furniture in the room can’t be climbed up. Pack plug socket covers (but remember to look at which ones you need for the country you are visiting). Ask the hotel to remove the furniture from your balcony, or bring your furniture inside so that there is less risk of children being high enough to fall over. Take a look at the blinds and if they have long codes, tie them up high to avoid a strangulation risk. To avoid overheating, bring a thermometer with you to keep an eye on the temperature of the room, you’ll find that if you can control this you’ll all get a better night’s sleep!

Hydration:  Keep your child well hydrated at all times! Whether you’re flying or spending more time in the sun, it’s mandatory to keep fluid levels up! Keep bottled water on hand at all times, if it’s hot choose iced lollies over ice cream and keep a handful of sweets in your pocket for times when your children need a boost of saliva! Find an ample amount of time to spend in the shade, or in the swimming pool and make sure that any time spent in the sunshine is lathered in sun cream!

Pack their favourites:  There will be lots of things to do on holiday, but children need some consistency and taking some of their favourites along for the ride, can make the transition to new surrounding a lot easier. Packing some familiar stories, a stuffed animal and some of their favourite crayons can give you the chance to fill in a few hours and to dry some tears!

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