Tips for flying with kids long haul

Taking a long haul flight with young children is enough to fill even the most experienced parent with dread. But fear not, help is at hand. We spoke to travel experts from Travelbag and they gave us top tips for flying with kids, keeping them entertained on a long haul flight, to make your journey as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Tips for flying with kids long haul -baby
Try and take a night flight

Imagine that you’re flying to Australia

Step 1. If possible, try to book a night flight

This means that your little ones will most likely be asleep for a good portion of your journey, which will make it much easier on you and your fellow passengers.

Tips for flying with kids long haul - passengers

Step 2. Pack lots of food & snacks

While your kids are not sleeping you may be tempting to rely on in-flight meals to feed you and your little ones, keep in mind that children tend to get very picky when they’re tired, especially if they have to sit in one place for hours.

Make sure you pack a variety of food and snacks when you’re flying with kids. However, try and stay away from sugary foods and drinks as these could make your child hyper, and no-one wants to be around a child on a sugar-rush, especially on a plane.


Take advantage of the electronic babysitter

On a long-haul flight, the electronic babysitter is your best friend. Make sure you pack your laptop or tablet and load it with films. This should entertain your child for a good couple of hours at a time.

Tablets are great because you can fill them with lots of games and apps that can still be enjoyed when it’s in flight mode, and you’d be surprised at how long your child can keep themselves occupied when there’s a video game involved.

Even younger children can enjoy a tablet or laptop, just put some of their favourite TV episodes on there!

Tips for flying with kids long haul - child

Buy your kids their own headphones

Even though the airline will most likely give out entertainment packs at the beginning of the flight, it is a good idea to buy your child some headphones of their own.

This is especially useful if you are travelling with a toddler.

Buying your kids their own headphones means that they will fit comfortably on their head, making the whole experience of watching a film or playing an electronic game much easier for everyone involved.


Bring your child’s favourite toy

As you will be aware, many children simply refuse to sleep unless their favourite soft toy is present.

You don’t want your child screaming on the plane because they don’t have their favourite toy, the best thing to do is to put aside any fears of losing it, and just bring it with you.


Look out of the window

Sitting next to the window could be a great opportunity to entertain your child, as they might be able to see some interesting sights during your flight.

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