Respecting the natural environment on your trip to the Lake District 

When planning your trip to the beautiful lake district it is important to respect the natural environment of this stunning part of the country. Not only is the area home to many locals and natural wildlife but it is also well maintained by those who care for the area and the environment. Making sure to plan your stay so that you respect all those that call the area home will ensure not only that you have an enjoyable visit but also the residents are not impacted by your visit.

the Lake District 

The Lake District: House where Beatrix Potter was inspired by the nature to write Peter Rabbit children book story

Sustainable travel options 

The National Park Authority encourages visitors to opt for sustainable travel options as ways for getting to and travelling around the Lake District. They suggest CO2 free options such as walking and cycling. As well as use of the public transport system in the areas including trains, buses and also the boats. The Lake District is incredibly well connected with major cities in the North-West including Manchester and Sheffield, as well as Carlisle to the North. Making it easily accessible by major public transport networks. 

The use of sustainable travel options helps to keep the winding roads around the lakes clear of busy traffic and congestion. Which, for many years, has been building up as a result of the influx of tourists to the area. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape, cutting down the number of cars on the road is imperative for reducing harmful, wildlife impacting emissions. Throughout the local towns and villages there are plenty of options, including handy shuttle buses and bike hire services that make it easy to navigate the area without relying on your own car or worrying about parking. Plus, taking your journey at a more leisurely pace allows you greater opportunity to truly take in the breathtaking scenery and unwind on your break. 


Rules you should follow when staying in the lake district  

While staying in any of the local towns, walking the hiking trails, or spending time on the water, there are a number of rules and regulations that all tourists should be following. In order to keep the lakes a peaceful and enjoyable place for all, the following rules have been created by the local authority:

  • Take your litter with you 
  • Keep dogs under control and on a lead when required
  • Leave all areas as you found them and shut and close gates securely behind you 
  • Plan your hikes and walks and prepare for the weather 
  • Do not cause a disturbance to the wildlife or local residents 
  • Respect the country-side and enjoy the space with all other visitors 


Understanding local signs will also help in ensuring you are using the appropriate trails. Some trails are specifically for people on foot only, these will be shown with yellow arrows. Meaning bikes and other modes of transport are not acceptable. While signs indicating byways open to all traffic will use red arrows. A simple acknowledgement of these signs shows a level of respect to the country-side, the landscape and the authorities who care for these areas. 


The rules and regulations are important in guaranteeing that everyone has an enjoyable time in the Lake District. Taking care to acknowledge and follow these rules will only make yours and everyone else’s time the best it can be.

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