My week at Villa Radicata in Tuscany

Only one word springs to mind to describe my week at Villa Radicata in Tuscany. Heaven!

On my way back to London, I reflected on how to keep the good mantra and the calmness acquired during my heavenly break.

The stressful London lifestyle can sometime take you away from the simplest things in life and make you unhappy.



But a holiday like that helps rebalance your mind and body. You are probably wondering what was so special about my week.

It’s simple: great healthy food made with organic produces sourced from the local area (never further than 10 Km), the most caring host – Rita Kobrak, the company of lovely London Mums, relaxing daily Indian yoga sessions on top of a hill with the stunning Tuscan scenery in front of us, catching fireflies in at night and karaoke at a pizza party.

Add to this the entertaining company of other Italian guests, Vinfrido the pizza maker, Paolo the driver, Fernanda the cookery lesson’s teacher, Laura the singing chef, Renate the yoga instructor, Maria the beautician and Francesca the household helper and you have the perfect holiday.


Italians are very generous and caring people and with her mum and baby breaks, Rita has certainly managed to showcase Italian hospitality and warmth. All mums who return from those Tuscan breaks feel refreshed and feel that they have learnt how to live and breathe the authentic Italian way of life, the so-called Dolce Vita.


The yoga sessions outdoor (near the swimming pool) also contributed to calm the mind, because the yoga teacher taught us how to feel in tune with nature through our breathing not just stretching. Once back in London I bought a Tibetan bowl similar to the one Renate used to remind me of my lovely Tuscan break.


And finally while Rita took care of the children, Maria gave mums a relaxing one hour massage, pure bliss! I have heard that for 2018 breaks, older children will be treated to painting and sculpture lessons by professional Tuscan artist for mums and children.



Watch all my vlogs on the London Mums YouTube channeltravel and cookery sections – to get a real feel for the atmosphere at Villa Radicata and if you want to go, be quick in booking as Rita’s breaks always sell out quickly. I am not surprised people come back every year as I know I’ll do the same!




How to book your family holiday in Italy


Email Rita or call her on 07785571292 or 0039 3495018679  – Weekly rentals



Info on travelling to Villa Radicata

Flight with Ryanair to Perugia, which is not located in Tuscany but one hour drive away.

A shuttle bus is organised by Rita for her guests.

The ride from the airport to the Villa is about 1 hour drive.

Rita provides all car seats for the babies and young children.


The cookery classes

Fernanda and Rita showed us how to make fresh pasta as well as an easy tiramisu’. Then Chef Laura came along and prepared the most amazing pizza (whose dough was made with mother yeast) using the wooden oven outdoor.


The pizza was so delicious, incredibly light and crispy that we had two each including a dessert pizza with just fresh figs melted on top.

This is the best pizza I have ever eaten in my lifetime.

The sightseeing: Anghiari

Villa Radicata is on top of a hill near the mediaeval village of Anghiari, famous for the battle between the French and the Tuscans that Leonardo Da Vinci tried to paint but without success. During our visit to Anghiari we walked on the cobblestones up to the clock tower and we did some shopping at the local market and at a shoe and clothing outlet.


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