Mum’s musical adventure: Easy viola for smooth travels

Long trips may be exhilarating and thrilling, like being on a roller-coaster. If you’re a wise mum, you’ll find ways to amuse your kids on long car rides. Well, here’s some good news! A non-traditional but interesting way to solve this problem is to add music to your travels. Two hobbies that might easily converge are music and travel. Fortunately, the viola is flexible and lightweight and can be a good travelling companion, offering a pleasant and relaxing diversion from the monotony of travel.

Viola: The Travel Companion

The viola is a handy travel companion due to its lightweight and small size. The viola is a smaller instrument that can be easily carried through airports, train stations, and even crowded streets with your kids because it is tucked away in a smaller case, unlike some heavier and larger instruments. Its compact size also makes it possible for you to quickly rehearse in peaceful areas or hotel rooms, so you can fully enjoy playing with your kids.

More than its portability, the viola’s versatility also allows you to adapt to various musical genres and settings. This instrument’s expressive range and rich tones make it ideal for any musical excursion. So whether you want to join local musicians for an impromptu jam session or entertain your fellow travellers with melancholic tunes, viola is for you.

Renting a Viola for Travel

If you’re a mum and you don’t have a viola, you might want to rent one for your trip. Did you know that there are short-term viola rentals out there?

Short-term viola rentals are available from a number of music stores and rental services, offering a practical and cost-effective way to meet your musical demands while travelling. When travelling, renting a viola can really make all the difference.

It relieves the burden of carrying your own instrument and allows you to experiment with various sizes and types to suit your changing musical requirements. While you wait for a car, picture yourself pulling out your rented viola and making everyone around you jealous of your lovely songs.

Tips for Smooth Viola Travels

There are many pro tips for ensuring your musical adventures go off hassle-free. First up, invest in a solid case. When it comes to packing, treat your viola like a precious kid. You’ll want something sturdy that will keep your viola safe and sound, no matter how rough your travels get.

And if you’re flying, make sure to check the airline’s policies on carrying instruments. Some airlines are super chill about it, while others can be really strict. Next, make sure you’ve got all the accessories you need, like extra strings, a tuner, and rosin. Lastly, research local music stores at your destination in case things get rough and you need repairs or supplies.


As a mum, embracing your love for music and sharing it with your family can create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. By incorporating the versatile and portable viola into your travels, you’ll not only enrich your journey but also inspire your children to appreciate the beauty of music. So, pack your instruments, tune your strings, and let the enchanting melodies accompany you on your next adventure, creating a truly harmonious experience.

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