Mastering the art of travelling light: A practical guide for London Mums

If there’s one lesson I haven’t quite mastered despite all my travels in both my youth and adulthood, it’s the art of travelling light. I tend to be a bit challenged in that department — so much so that my friends and family always quip, “Is there a dead body in the luggage?”.

With the promise of a new year filled with exciting travel adventures, I decided it was high time to seek expert advice on the elusive art of travelling light.

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I turned to Julian Gurfinkiel, an expert at FareCompare to guide me through the process of decluttering my suitcase. His tips ranged from the practical ‘Rolling Method’ to the imaginative ‘Nesting-Doll Method,’ offering hope to those, like myself, who find minimalism a foreign concept.

Expert tips for efficient packing:

  1. Rolling Method: Simply roll up your shirts, trousers, or jackets and stand them upright in the bag. Keep adding rolls until your bag resembles a collection of cinnamon rolls (minus the stickiness!). Rolling carefully can surprisingly result in wrinkle-free clothes. Who knew rolling could lead to wrinkle-free garments?
  2. Layering Method: This method involves strategic layering to balance weight distribution.
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Photo by Timur Weber

Base Layer: Pack shoes near the wheels, filling them with socks to save space. Place makeup and toiletries at the bottom to prevent leaks. Position electronics alongside shoes for balanced weight distribution.

Middle Layer: Roll clothes to save space and minimise wrinkles. Use underwear, socks, and accessories to fill gaps and prevent over-packing.

Top Layer: Fold suits, dresses, jackets, and towels carefully. Avoid overstuffing to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Secure spill-able toiletries in a separate waterproof bag at the top. Lay suit jackets on packed items to prevent creasing.

  1. Nesting-Doll Method: Imagine those wooden Russian dolls that nest inside each other. Apply a similar concept by stuffing socks and underwear into shoes, as well as any other available nooks and crannies in your carry-on.
  2. Human Suitcase Method: Embrace the “baggage as fashion” approach! You can purchase an outfit with numerous pockets and zippers, but be aware that you might attract some attention. Alternatively, wear the coat or jacket you intended to bring and utilise all available pockets for efficient packing.

Gurfinkiel added: “If you are really struggling, use our worldwide baggage fee chart which will help you select an airline which helps you get the most luggage for your money on airlines around the world!”

Choosing the Right Luggage:

Armed with newfound packing wisdom, the next challenge is finding the perfect luggage. My quest led me to July, a contemporary luggage brand that recently launched in the UK, offering a range of travel products, including the Carry On Light, the lightest double-wheel suitcase globally.

July’s Carry On Light – The Lightest Double Wheel Suitcase:

Weighing in at a mere 1.8kg, the Carry On Light promises to revolutionise the packing game. With features like SilentMove 360° double spinner wheels, a German polycarbonate shell, and a water-resistant nylon lining, it’s a testament to the marriage of capacity and lightness.

travelling light july luggge collage

July’s Checked Light and Checked Plus Light:

Expanding their Light range, July introduced the Checked Light and Checked Plus Light, catering to those in need of larger options. With volumes of 75L and 110L respectively, these checked options offer spacious solutions without compromising on weight, making them ideal for extended travels.

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July’s Family Set:

For the ultimate travel experience, July offers a complete Light Family Set, including the  Carry On Light, Checked Light, and Checked Plus Light, priced at £635. With a lifetime warranty, 100-day returns, and free shipping across the UK, July ensures that your travel investment is both practical and long-lasting.

Why July?

July aims to redefine travel with thoughtful design features tailored for busy families. The lightweight design eliminates the stress of strict luggage allowances, while features like double spinner wheels and stain-resistant lining make life on the go much more manageable. The set also nests perfectly inside each other for easy storage at home, a small but significant detail for the organised traveller.

Additional Tips for Family Travel:

  1. Invest in Quality Luggage: Quality travel products can make family travel significantly easier. For parents with young children, consider July’s range of travel bags featuring a pass-through band that slides onto your luggage, freeing up an extra hand.
  2. Streamline Packing: Maximise space and keep things organised with July’s Packing Cells, especially when sharing luggage between family members. Knowing whose things are whose becomes a breeze.
  3. Stay Tangle-Free: Keep wires organised with July’s Tech kit, ensuring that you’re not overwhelmed by cables at the bottom of your bag. A must-have for parents trying to keep the kids entertained during the journey.

Dream2Go Disney Spinner – A Magical Solution for Kids:

For the little travellers in your family, Samsonite Dream2Go Disney Spinner offers a magical solution and the key to travelling light with young children who are still interested in being carried around.

traveling light ride on suitcase for kids

Priced at £95.00, this cabin-sized suitcase, with a Frozen theme, is designed to captivate young ones. Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s also made from at least 70% recycled polypropylene, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. With a 5-year global warranty and practical features like a fixed lock and removable shoulder strap, it’s the ideal travel companion for young adventurers.



Mastering the art of travelling light is a journey worth embarking on, and with expert tips, innovative luggage options from July, and practical family travel accessories, it becomes an achievable goal. As I prepare for my upcoming adventures, armed with my newfound knowledge, I’m confident that I’ll no longer be the one struggling with an overstuffed suitcase.

Here’s to lighter travels and the joy of the journey itself!

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