Kid-friendly flying – Keeping the cool, calm and entertained in the air

Kid-friendly flying – Keeping the cool, calm, and entertained in the air.

Taking to the skies with kids can be both thrilling and a tad nerve-wracking. There’s the pure joy of children seeing the world from above and the pulsating heartbeat of parents hoping everything goes smoothly. The key? A sprinkle of foresight and a dash of planning. Air travel doesn’t have to be a parental test of patience.

With the right approach, you can ensure that every flight with your kids feels like a breeze rather than a storm. It’s all about setting the tone, equipping yourself with the know-how, and fostering an atmosphere of excitement. So, if you’re keen to make your family’s next flight experience unforgettable in all the right ways, you’re in the right place. Let’s take off on this adventure together!

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Sourcing Family-Friendly Flight Offers

Flying with the family can be an exciting affair, but we all know the costs can mount up quickly. Securing the right deal not only ensures a comfortable journey for your loved ones but also keeps your finances in check. So, how can you ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck?


Start by planning ahead. Flexibility in your travel dates can make a world of difference to your wallet. Often, flying mid-week or during off-peak hours can lead to considerable savings. Set up alerts to notify you when prices drop for your chosen destination. With the digital age upon us, there are countless online platforms that aggregate flight offers and help compare prices. Sites like Eligasht search the web for cheap flights and lets you book flights online without having to visit multiple websites, all the deals are in one place. This is the perfect place to begin planning your holiday and find a great deal on seats for all the family.


Consider indirect flights. While they might extend your travel time a tad, they can offer substantial reductions in ticket prices. Also, when booking, think about each family member’s needs. Sometimes, the cheapest option isn’t always the best, especially if it means compromising on in-flight amenities or legroom. Remember, with a bit of diligence and research, you can ensure a delightful flying experience for your family without breaking the bank. Safe travels!


Top In-Flight Activities To Keep Little Ones Engaged

We’ve all been there: minutes into the flight and the restless energy kicks in. Keeping young minds occupied during a flight can be a tad challenging, yet it’s absolutely doable with some clever planning. Here’s a list to keep your kids entertained and your sanity intact.

  1. Sketch and Doodle: Arm your child with a blank notebook and some coloured pencils. Drawing what they see outside the window or imagining a story can be a delightful distraction
  2. Interactive Storytelling: Think of a theme or setting and take turns building on the narrative. It’s a great way for your family to bond and fire up the imagination.
  3. Brain Teasers and Puzzles: Whether it’s a Sudoku for older children or a simple find-a-word, puzzles can be both fun and educational.
  4. DIY Craft Kits: Create small craft kits before you travel. Simple items like string for bracelet-making or origami paper can work wonders.
  5. Audiobooks and Podcasts: Load up some engaging children’s tales or fun fact podcasts. They’re a wonderful way for kids to dive into new worlds.


With a little foresight and these activities in your arsenal, your child’s flight time can transform from tedious to terrific.


Packing The Perfect Flight Bag

Air travel with children can be a breeze when you’re equipped with the right essentials. Packing a well-thought-out flight bag can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your little ones. Here are some indispensable items to consider:

  1. Snack Selection: Keep hunger at bay with a mix of healthy and familiar snacks. Think cut-up fruits, cereal bars, and crackers. Remember to include a spill-proof water bottle to keep them hydrated.
  2. Wipe-clean Activity Books: These reusable books, often with dry-erase markers, allow for endless creativity and can be easily tidied up.
  3. Comfort Items: Whether it’s a cuddly toy or a soft blanket, having a familiar comfort item can help soothe any in-flight jitters.
  4. Headphones: A pair of child-friendly headphones can be a godsend, especially during in-flight entertainment or while listening to music.
  5. Change of Clothes: Accidents happen! It’s always handy to have a spare set of clothes for your child, ensuring they remain comfortable throughout the journey.
  6. Basic First Aid: Plasters, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications should always be within arm’s reach.


With this checklist, your child’s flight bag will be a treasure trove of in-flight comforts and distractions. Here’s to stress-free skies and contented young travellers!


Keeping Kids Calm During Layovers And Transits

Airports can be bustling hubs of activity, presenting unique challenges for parents and children alike. Layovers and transits, with their mix of waiting and moving, can be particularly testing. Yet, with a little preparation and a dash of creativity, you can turn these intervals into enjoyable breaks for your family.

  1. Designated Play Areas: Many airports now feature play zones specifically designed for young travellers. Seek these out to let your children burn off some energy.
  2. Interactive Airport Trails: Turn the wait into a mini-adventure! Create a simple scavenger hunt or “I Spy” list of things to spot around the terminal.
  3. Pack Portable Activities: Compact board games, card games, colouring books, or travel-sized art kits can offer endless entertainment during long waits.
  4. Healthy Snacks: Keep your child’s energy levels stable by offering nutritious snacks. Avoid sugary treats that might spike their energy and lead to restlessness.
  5. Quiet Corners: If your child needs some downtime, scout out a quiet spot in the airport where you can read a book or simply relax together.


Remember, your attitude sets the tone. Approach layovers with a sense of fun, and your children are likely to follow your lead. Here’s to mastering the art of the layover with your young ones in tow!


Ensuring A Smooth Landing For Your Family

The feeling of relief when the plane touches down is undeniable, yet the journey isn’t quite over. Ensuring a smooth transition from air to land is crucial, especially when you have young travellers in tow. A smooth post-flight experience can be the cherry on top of your trip, making the entire journey feel seamless and enjoyable.


One of the key elements to consider is fatigue. If your flight lands in the evening or after a long-haul journey, it’s important to factor in rest as soon as you arrive. Opting for a taxi or a pre-arranged transport can save you the hassle of navigating public transport with tired kids. Think about sustenance. Having a simple snack at hand for post-landing can be invaluable, bridging the gap until you reach your accommodation and settle in for a meal.


Always have a plan for when things don’t go to plan. Delays in baggage reclaim or unexpected transport hitches can happen. Prepare a small kit with essentials, like a change of clothes and basic toiletries, in your carry-on. This ensures that even if there’s a minor hiccup, your family remains comfortable. With a little forethought, the end of your flight can be just as calm and joyful as the take-off. Safe landings to you and yours!


Navigating the world of air travel with children can certainly have its challenges, but with a little preparation and some thoughtful strategies, you can ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved. From packing the right essentials to managing layovers and making post-flight transitions smooth, every step you take makes a difference. Remember, the key lies in anticipation and adaptability. With these tools in your arsenal, you’re well-equipped to make your family’s next airborne adventure a delightful memory. Safe travels to you and your little adventurers!

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