How to make the move abroad for work easier for children?

It’s exciting when you land the job of your dreams abroad or the company posts you to work in another country. The money and perks are attractive, but the move may not be that easy for you and the kids. Children may resist the idea and even hate you, momentarily, if you force them but how you communicate to them determines their reaction to the new move. Understandably, they have built a social life, love their current neighbourhood, school activities, and have made plans with friends. They wouldn’t want to lose all that unless you convince them the move isn’t such a bad idea. How do you do it?

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Inform them in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to tell the children that you are moving. Do it as soon as you get the confirmation letter from your new workplace. This gives them enough time to digest the news, ask any questions they have, and say goodbye to their friends. Take as much time as you can to explain the decision, answer all their queries, and be understanding. They may have uncertainties, anxieties, and fears. Be there to address them.

In fact, you can even involve your children in the moving process. If done in a fun way, this can take their minds off all the change going on around them and even allow them to be helpful! Taking advantage of Mayflower’s Ultimate Moving Guide, you can print the list off and appoint your children mini-move managers. Allow them to survey the packing site and make sure that things are being accomplished as the checklist suggests. This little bit of responsibility can go a long way towards making them feel included.

Take Care of the Paperwork in Advance

Migrating with children may not be easy, especially when you don’t know what’s expected from you. However, talking to an immigration lawyer will not only help you understand the rules and regulations of your new country but will help you take care of the paperwork faster. Each country has its set of rules that you may not understand unless you have a professional guiding you.

Visit the Place before the Move

It pays to familiarise the children with the new country before you settle down. The visit will help them know, like, and even choose their ideal home. If it’s not possible, go through photos of the country together. Also, involve them in deciding where you would want to live and the schools they would like to attend. 

Make Sure to Choose the Right Education Options

As much as possible, keep the children’s education system similar to what they had at home. Look for schools where they can do activities they loved back at home. For instance, if your child loves swimming, try to get a school that supports the hobby. This way, they will not find it hard to adjust or make new friends.

Choose a Good Time to Move

There is no right time to move, but you can reduce the stress by choosing an appropriate time to move. Shifting in the middle of a school year can be tiresome and confusing for the kids. Plan to move when on school break. They will have more time to get used to their new home and make friends before starting school again.

Moving can never be easy, no matter how prepared you are. Embrace the challenges, expect letdowns, and love the new experiences. Give yourself and the family enough time to adjust to the new environment, language, and culture, which won’t happen overnight. Also, make sure to let the kids stay in touch with their friends and relatives back home.

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