How to fund your dream family holiday

It’s a tough job being a parent, but the reality is you wouldn’t want to change it for the world.  The time with your kids goes by much faster than you think, so it’s important that you make memories to last.  One of the things that you and your kids will definitely never forget is a dream holiday.  Have you been thinking of an adventure that you would like to share with your family, but have been concerned about the financial aspect?  Here are some ideas as to how you can fund your family holiday and capture those moments.

Have a Look at your Existing Household Bills and Outgoings

You can make a lot of savings by looking at your existing outgoings.  What are you currently paying for your phones and broadband for example?  Sometimes these are things we don’t look at in great detail – but we should always review.  Make sure you do your comparisons with other providers to ensure you aren’t paying over the odds.  It also may be a good idea to see if you have any contracts up for renewal.  For example, is your car insurance up? This is a great opportunity to either negotiate your deal – or again compare it against other providers to see if you can get cheaper deals.  All of these small things add up and can leave you with more disposable income you could use on your dream trip away.

Earn Extra Money with a Side Hustle

Although you will no doubt already have a lot to juggle, you can always look for an opportunity to earn a side hustle doing something you like to do.  For example, if you enjoy taking pictures – why not upskill on photography?  There are lots of people making a side income from this.  Family photography is becoming an increasingly popular way to go.  That way, you can make money from doing something you enjoy – and have extra cash to put away for your holiday.  Other options could be freelance PA support which a lot of people require and would allow you to fit this in remotely – or even copywriting if you have a creative flair.  There are lots of sites like where you can create profiles, and pitch for work.

Get a Personal Loan

A personal loan is also an option for you. Citrus personal loans for example are incredibly flexible in the loan amounts they offer and can be up to £25,000.  Getting a loan can be easier than you think.  The loan application itself doesn’t take long – and you can receive a quick decision as to whether or not it has been accepted.  You don’t need to worry if it doesn’t get accepted, as it won’t affect your credit rating in any way, and if you do get accepted – all you need to do then is look forward to your dream holiday.  The loan can be repaid over an agreed period of time at an affordable rate.

Put it on an Interest Free Credit Card

There are lots of deals when it comes to interest free credit cards these days.  This often allows you to make purchases and have a while to wait before you need to pay any interest on it.  It’s always a good idea to mark that date in your calendar to try and pay it off before then.  If you haven’t managed to make the full payment, and there is still balance left – you can then look into balance transfers to other credit card providers to reduce your interest rates again.  For this option, you typically would need to have good credit – and if you weren’t to get accepted this could affect your credit rating.

Host a Garage Sale

Once you have children, you tend to accrue a lot of items that you may not even remember you have.  Why not go through your things and see if there are some things that you perhaps no longer need that you could sell?  It could be a fun activity for the family, as well as give you the opportunity to save extra money for your holiday.  You could host a garage sale and advertise it on social media channels and see how much you get for it.  Alternatively – you could have a go at selling it online in local groups.  You can find these easily on Facebook – or you could even upload to Facebook Marketplace.  The only thing with that is, you wouldn’t get to meet the people face-to-face and would perhaps need to arrange collection of the items or delivery with them. 

If you have been thinking about a dream holiday with the kids, but not quite worked out how it can be funded – hopefully this list of ideas will have helped.  

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