Hot tub holidays – your FAQs answered

When planning your ideal 2023 summer getaway, you might find that hot tub holidays could be the perfect choice for you.

Come rain or shine, you can soak under the stars, admire national parks and bask in incredible views from a whole new perspective. Whether it be a romantic getaway, or fun for the entire family, a UK break with hot tub is the way to go.

In this article, we’ll be answering all your FAQs, so you’re ready to slide straight into your hot tub as soon as you arrive at your chosen destination.

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Are there different types of hot tubs?

There are hot tub variations, depending on where you choose to stay. Generally, you’ll find your heated hot tub comes with seats and powerful massage jets. However, you could opt for a more unique experience, with hot tubs fuelled by wood-fires, inspired by Japanese baths. woman relaxing in a hot tub bathtub

When picking your perfect hot tub location, be sure to check which type of spa is provided, so you can find one that best suits your preferences.





How hygienic is a hot tub?

Hot tubs can be chemically treated, however, to keep your water as hygienic as possible, it’s recommended to shower before and after use.

You shouldn’t use glass near a hot tub, in case any accidents occur. This is not only because food and drink spillages can contaminate the water, but also because broken glass is impossible to see through the water.

Replacing the lid after use will also keep your hot tub free from any falling debris, as well as regulating the heat – ready for your next dip.


Is a hot tub safe for children?

Hot tubs should not be used by children who are unable to keep their head above the water. Submerging your head or swallowing the water can increase the risk of infection, so most hot tubs recommend only over 14s use the facilities.


Can I take my pet in the hot tub?

Despite many UK summer breaks being pet-friendly, it is not a good idea to allow your pet in the hot tub. This might seem obvious, but with the accumulation of jets, limited space and any cleaning chemicals that might be present – the tub is not a safe space for your pet.


Hot tub safety tips

Other safety tips include avoiding use of the hot tub during a thunderstorm, as well as not using any electrical equipment nearby.

You should never add anything to the water: bubble bath, soaps, oils and salts, for example, can damage the hot tub.

It’s recommended to limit your dips to 15 minutes in order to prevent dizziness, and take care when entering and exiting.

Your chosen holiday site will have its own information on how to use the hot tub, so stay safe and make the most out of your stay. Be sure to read this thoroughly before you go to ensure making precious memories is at the forefront of your priorities!

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