Fun things to do when travelling by train

Amidst lasting disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increasingly frequent rail strikes in the UK, it can seem as though we’re subjected to more delays and long train journeys than ever before. Despite this, it’s not all doom and gloom for rail users and those of us who have to commute by train; iIn June 2022 in Germany, the introduction of cheap rail tickets saw the number of 100km – 300km train journeys rise to 46% above pre-pandemic levels, while UK operators investigate similar incentives to get the national network back up to speed. If you’re facing a particularly long trip on the train this year, never fear – travelling by train enables you to socialise, have fun and spend time doing the things you enjoy. Check out some fun things to do when travelling by train:

rail signage outside a british train station

When travelling with a buddy – When taking a long journey with a companion, use the time to get to know your travel buddy. In order to enjoy your journey and make the time fly, have a chat with your pal and those around you.

Share a meal with your partner and hone your skills in the art of conversation.

If you’re in need of extra entertainment, you can play card games like Gin Rummy and Poker or enjoy old-school parlour games such as dominoes, charades, 20 questions, impressions and ludo.

Consider using the time on the train to plan and book activities for your trip with your travel buddy – there are relatively cheap trains to London King Cross available these days and it’s never been easier to plan a British staycation in the capital.

When travelling solo – Travelling solo enables you to get some much-needed downtime, enjoy some privacy and freedom and do the things you enjoy. This could be watching your favourite movie or TV show, catching up with friends on social media, reading, drawing, streaming the latest sporting events, playing ‘brain-training’ games, listening to music and podcasts, meditating or challenging yourself with the traditional solo train journey pastime, the crossword puzzle. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use your imagination when travelling solo – the world is your oyster. You can use also use solo travelling time as an opportunity to socialise and make new friends – striking up a conversation with your fellow travellers could be easier than you think.

Whether you’re taking a trip by yourself or with a travel companion, it’s never been easier to keep yourself occupied on the train. Better still, if you’re one of the millions of smartphone owners in the UK, you can create a tailored home entertainment system and enjoy your journey in maximum comfort and style. Happy travelling and make sure you don’t miss the train!  


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