Four tips to an easy family holiday

There is a lot to consider when arranging your perfect family holiday this year, whether you are travelling with small children or difficult-to-please teenagers. Here are a few of our top travel tips for a stress-free journey and making the most of your valuable holiday time together.

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Make Certain You Have Everything You Require

If you have a lot to keep you busy while travelling with your family, stressing about baggage laws and limits will only make your holiday worse. Before you fly, check your airline’s baggage rules or calculate how much space you have in your car. To avoid any extra delays, make sure you double-check everything as you pack all the way to the airport or as you are loading the roof box.  Should your suitcase go missing, you may also wish to pack a few extra pieces of clothing in your hand luggage, such as swimwear and an extra outfit for your children.

Remember Little One’s Nap

If you’re travelling with tiny children, especially those who haven’t started school yet, try to plan your trip around their sleeping patterns. If your child falls asleep frequently, try to book a flight that departs just before their nap time, allowing them to get their forty winks while you rest a little more. Consider adding a stopover to a long flight to help break up the travel and allow your children to stretch their legs and get some exercise before continuing to the next leg. If you’re planning a family trip to the Far East, stop in Dubai to visit the city and enjoy the beaches and waterparks. Twinning the city with Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali is a fantastic choice for families who want to avoid the long flight to Asia.

Make A Plan And Make A Reservation Ahead Of Time

If your airline serves children’s meals, making a reservation in advance is the best way to assure that you get what your children will appreciate and that they will be nourished throughout the journey. To limit the quantity of in-flight entertainment you need to bring, check to see whether your airline is airing any kid-friendly films or programmes. The easiest approach to keep the kids entertained is to pack some entertainment: download movies on a tablet, bring some colouring books and puzzles and don’t forget their teddy bear to keep them company. A great way to ensure you always have a booking and can take as many last min trips as you want is to purchase your own holiday home from someone such as Derbyshire holiday parks


Look For The Best Family-Friendly Destinations

When picking a hotel to stay in with your family, there are a few things to keep in mind: book an interconnecting room if you want to be near your kids all the time; check out the kid’s club; and find out where child-friendly eateries are located. I recommend doing extensive study before going to reduce the chances of disappointment or annoyance later on.


Hopefully, this advice will come in handy when it comes time to plan your next family holiday. Even if your trip isn’t until next year, it’s never too early to start making preparations and learning about the exciting destinations available. Do you have any further suggestions that you think should be included? Please share some of your ideas in the comments section below.

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