Five tips for travelling with grandparents

In our busy daily routine, we seldom have enough time to spend with our grandparents, so the best way to show you care is to take them on a holiday. Travelling with grandparents can be an exhilarating experience and also the perfect way to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. Having said that, some extra precautions and planning is required in order to keep safety in mind and ensure that the whole family has an enjoyable trip. So here are London Mums‘ five important tips for travelling with grandparents.

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Make travel enjoyable

Travel can be sometimes overwhelming for the elderly, especially by air with check-in formalities and possible flight disruptions. Instead, it is better to book a 3-day cruise for you and your family for a relaxing and hassle-free holiday experience

Moreover, cruising is extremely senior-friendly with minimal physical demands. Also cruise ships are well equipped to provide easy access to medical care in case of an emergency.


Plan in detail

Irrespective of whether your grandparents are suffering from any ailment or not, proper planning will be the key to the success of your cherished trip. Ask yourself these questions when preparing for your holiday:

  • What would be the most suitable time for arrival and departure?
  • What situations and activities should be avoided?
  • Whether your doctor has declared your grandparents fit for travel?
  • Whether there are long travel times and any breaks?
  • Whether your grandparents are adequately insured for the holiday?
  • Whether you are carrying grandma’s favourite audiobook or grandpa’s chess and card games?


Take care of their special needs

While travelling long distances, grandparents are bound to get fatigued. Arrange for utility vehicles like electric buggies or wheelchairs for easy access. Ensure carrying sufficient medication if they suffer from any specific ailment or disability.

Common medicines for headache, stomach upset etc should always be kept handy in an emergency first-aid kit and ample drinking water while travelling.


Stick to a routine

Make sure you stick to the routine planned for your grandparents, especially during meals and at bedtime, as even a minor adjustment can be detrimental to their health if they are suffering from any medical issue.

Ask them of a daily routine they prefer and keep it as consistent as possible. Things like TV, afternoon nap, evening tea with cookies should be included in the as to allow them to adapt to a new environment faster.


Enjoy your holiday

Make sure you relax and enjoy your outing with your grandparents together. That doesn’t mean you have to devote every moment of your trip to them, instead take time out for yourself as well.

Finally, it is very important to be patient throughout the trip. This may not be the kind of holiday you want, but in the long run you will find it worthwhile. After all, your grandparents won’t be with you for long, so just relax and enjoy the moment.

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