Family adventure: exploring the mystical Isle of Skye

Hey mums! So, picture this: we’re chilling in the heart of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, on this mind-blowing island called Skye. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world with all its history, stories, and crazy beautiful scenery. Whether you’re up for some family fun or a romantic getaway, Skye is where it’s at!

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Where we landed: The turn-back-time Duisdale Hotel

Our journey kicks off at the Duisdale Hotel, this fabulous Victorian mansion turned into the ultimate Highland hangout. 

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Sitting pretty by the Sound of Sleat with those breath-taking Knoydart mountains in the background, while taking a hot-tub in the garden, it’s like being in a movie. Whether we’re chilling indoors with a Gaelic coffee at hand or out exploring, the journey here is just as fantastic as the destination.

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Feasting Like Royalty: Dining at Duisdale

Okay, hold onto your taste buds, because dining at the hotel’s restaurant is like a foodie fantasy come true. Every dish is a masterpiece made from local goodies, from juicy venison to fresh scallops. And let’s talk about that special chutney, straight from the hotel’s garden – it’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth!

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Our foodie adventure:

  • Starters: We went all in with scallops and duck parfait, plus homemade bread with caramelised onion and cheddar cheese. Oh, and don’t forget that lavender-infused butter – talk about fancy!
  • Main Course: Venison and lamb were our jam, with all the seasonal veggie goodness and the chef’s killer chutney.
  • Dessert: Apple soufflés and a plate of Scottish cheeses? Yes, please! Every bite was like a little slice of heaven.

Our 80s style journey: Riding the Caledonian Sleeper from London

Our adventure truly begins as we hop aboard the Caledonian Sleeper, the night train from London to Inverness. It’s like stepping back in time, but with all the modern comforts and yummy food. Seriously, who needs a plane when you can travel in style like this and overnight (so you can save the daytime for more adventures)?

Memories on rails: Exploring Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper

Exploring Skye: Diving into nature’s playground

As soon as we hit the island, it’s like we’re in a whole new world of epic landscapes and crazy history. From the Cuillin Hills to the fairy-tale vibes of Trotternish, Skye is just begging to be explored. And Portree? It’s like something out of a storybook, with its colourful harbour and buzzing vibe.

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Our Top Adventures:

  • The Fairy Glen: Talk about stepping into a fairy-tale! It’s all gnarled trees and mystical vibes – I half expected to bump into some actual fairies!
  • The Fairy Pools: Crystal-clear waters surrounded by killer mountains? People totally take the plunge!
  • Wildlife Watching: Red deer, sea eagles, and those adorable “hairy coos” – we saw it all! It’s like a real-life nature documentary up in here.
  • Hiking Adventures: Trekking through the Quiraing and the Old Man of Storr? It’s like being on top of the world, with views that’ll blow your mind.
  • Neist Point Lighthouse: Sunsets and marine life? Um, yes, please! It’s like a postcard come to life.

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Getting lost in Skye’s legends and folklore

We totally got sucked into Skye’s crazy history and legends. From giants to fairies, love stories to epic battles – this place has it all! It’s like being in our own fantasy movie, unravelling the mysteries of the past.

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Fun facts to drop at parties:

  • Musical Island: The Skye Boat Song? Skye has its very own theme song! Yeah, it’s all about Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s epic escape after the Jacobite Rising.

  • Hollywood Calling: Skye is a Hollywood hotspot! It’s been the backdrop for films like Prometheus, Macbeth, The BFG, Snow White and the Huntsman, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
  • Trump Connection: Believe it or not, Skye has a connection to Donald Trump! His mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, hailed from the Isle of Lewis, which has a historical link to Dunvegan.
  • Unique Ferry Ride: Hop on the MV Glenachulish, the last manually operated turntable ferry in the world, and cross Kyle Rhea to reach Skye.
  • Gaelic Coffee anyone? It’s made with whisky. Talisker Distillery is the only place on Skye making that world-famous Scotch whisky!
  • Dino Discoveries: Skye isn’t just about history—it’s also about prehistory! Check out An Corran for dinosaur footprints, including prints from ornithopods and sauropods. Talk about a blast from the past!


So, whether you’re after adventure, relaxation, or just a taste of Scotland’s awesomeness, Skye is where it’s at. Grab your bags, too many Gaelic coffees (with whisky of course!) and let the magic of Skye transport you in fairyland!

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