Everything You Can Not Be Without on a Family Caravan Holiday


Embarking on a Family Caravan Holiday is an exciting time, but it can also lead to a stressful experience if you forget to take all of the essentials and none more so when you holiday in a caravan.

To help you remember all of your caravan holiday essentials, below we have listed everything that you will need, barring the caravan itself, of course!




Before heading off on a family holiday in the caravan, you simply must remember to bring your gadgets in case anyone gets bored, or to seek for help in case of a breakdown. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops will all come in handy for passengers on the journey, as well in times of bad weather. Do try and keep their usage down to a minimum, however, as time away with the family is important!


Board Games

Every family must bring along a board game to play in the caravan. A far better option than everyone sitting on their mobile phones in the rain, a good board game brings everyone together and makes you forget about the bad weather. In the UK, we are never guaranteed to have the sun for long even in the summer, making the board game an essential…just be wary of anyone that doesn’t like losing!



Do you have young children in your family? If so, ensure to bring their favourite toy with them. The car journey will be long and, without something to keep them distracted, will be a long journey for everyone in the vehicle. Also, staying in a caravan can feel a bit weird for young children who are used to sleeping in their own bed, so their favourite toy will serve as a comforter.



Obviously, in order to transport a caravan you are going to need a strong and robust car that is up to the job. If you have a car that is capable of seating all of your family, chances are that it will be strong enough to tow a caravan, but it is best to check. If not, there is no need to buy new as you can find a used car for a much better price that could be as good as new, as vehicles lose thousands of pounds from their valuation just from leaving the showroom.


Deck Chairs

We have already mentioned about what to bring for when the weather is dull, but what about when the sun is shining? For that, you will want to bring your deck chairs along so as you can bask in the sunshine. There is no use getting the family together, towing the caravan, and setting up camp somewhere beautiful if you are going to sit inside all the time. You might as well have stayed home.


Gas Bottles

In order to keep your caravan warm and use any kitchen appliances, gas bottles are a must. Fitting a gas bottle can be tricky, and really shouldn’t be done by anyone who is unsure about what they are doing. Ensure that all gas appliances are fitted and work properly before use, as a gas leak is highly dangerous for numerous reasons.


Sat Nav/Map

Finally, you are going to need a Sat Nav or map, depending on how au fait you are with modern technology. If you are setting off on a long journey you will need to have a back route in mind in case of delays or road closures.

If you remember to take all of the above with you, then you are set to enjoy your family caravan holiday!

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