City Trip to Amsterdam? How a car rental can help you explore other Dutch cities

Amsterdam is frequently the first city that comes to mind when people consider travelling to the Netherlands. For your convenience and enjoyment, we have listed a few greatest Dutch cities to visit in the Netherlands (apart from Amsterdam). You may reach it in about two hours; some are just a short drive from the city with car rental in Holland.

Image by Marjon Besteman from Pixabay


With a distance of just 13 miles, Haarlem is the city closest to Amsterdam. It gives visitors the experience of staying in Amsterdam without commotion.


Haarlem features a complex canal network that offers visitors a novel approach to seeing the city. Candlelight night tours are also an option for those who want to explore another side of Haarlem. Here is a list of places for you to explore in Haarlem

  • Town Hall -14th-century construction
  • Bavo Cathedral – 19th-century construction
  • Frans Hals Museum – art work of Jan Van Goyen.


The city of Utrecht is up next. It is only 27 miles from Amsterdam.


The city is filled with theatres and music halls where tourists can catch some of the top actors and performers in the nation in action. Places to visit in Utrecht are:

  • Catherine’s Convent – a 16th-century monastic structure-function as military quarters, a venue for student club get-togethers, a school gym, and even a teaching hospital. At present, it’s a Museum Catharijneconvent.
  • The Rietveld Schröder House – Dutch architectural work of the 20th century was significant for modern art.

The Hague

The Hague is one of the Netherlands’ most politically significant cities and is only 37 miles from Amsterdam.

A few places to visit are:

  • Binnenhof
  • The Ridderzaal or Great Hall has impressive Gothic spires, vaulted ceilings, and pointed arches.
  • The Hofvijver, or Court Pond you can see waterfowls that hunt and build their nests in the pond’s clear, shallow waters.
  • The Mauritshuis Museum works by Rembrandt and Hans Holbein.
  • Madurodam – a 1:25 size copy of The Hague.


Delft is another historically and culturally significant city from which you can base your trips around the Dutch countryside.

In Delft, there are several stunning examples of mediaeval architecture, including the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), Oostport (Eastern Gate), and the Prinsenhof (Princes’ Court). Delftse Hout (Delft Wood), a sizeable nature preserve area, offers visitors the chance to go horseback riding, biking, and hiking.


Gouda is 45 miles southwest of Amsterdam and is best known nowadays for the cheese that bears its name. To get to the city from Amsterdam, use the A2 and then the A12.

The places to visit here are:

  • Old city halls – 15th century, the first Gothic city hall in the nation.
  • Church of St. John-The longest church in the Netherlands, known for exquisite stained glass windows.
  • The weigh house, or Waag in Dutch- was used to measure commodities for the market (yes, weighed a lot of cheese here).


One of the cities we’ve covered here is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. To set your speed, adhere to your timetable, and make impromptu detours along the road, it is best to have your means of transportation from car rental at Schiphol.

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