Budgeting tips for a family road trip around England

Are you planning to travel around England soon? Travelling as a mum is completely different from what you were used to before motherhood. There are more people to care for and considerably less money than you had when it was just you. It, therefore, makes sense that you are looking for budgeting tips for your next road trip.

Here are London Mums’ best budgeting tips for mums during your next road trip around England.


Cut Down on Transportation Costs

Transportation can be one of the most expensive things you need to handle throughout your trip around England. Remember you are not travelling alone this time so you can’t just hop into a taxi and get to wherever you want.

Now that you have a family, it helps to cut down on transportation costs in order to save as much as possible. Some of the things you could do to cut down on transportation costs include:

Find a Vehicle That Fits Your Needs

Whether you have one or ten children, it is always important to find a vehicle that will fit your needs.

A few things to consider before going on a family trip are as following:

  • Does the car have enough comfortable space for everyone?
  • Is there enough space for luggage?
  • With your car handle the different terrains you are about to subject it to?
  • Does the vehicle’s fuel consumption sit well with your wallet?

If you’re looking to accommodate the above then make sure to consider renting a vehicle here, and save yourself some peace of mind when planning your next trip.

One of the biggest pitfalls of getting the wrong car, especially to save money is that you will end up spending more money in the end.

Travel in the Off-Season

Usually, the tourism industry has an off-season and a peak season. The peak season is when there are most tourists while the off-season is when there are fewer tourists.

As a mum, you will save more by travelling with your family in the off-season. Things are considerably cheaper during the off-season. This means that there will be more things to see and experience. Also, depending on the kind of family you have you do not want to have to keep an eye on your kids on a crowded beach.

Explore Your Accommodation Options

Just because you have a family does not mean that you have to pay a lot of money for accommodation. Many hotels usually charge extra for all the space they think you are going to need for your kids. However, this should not necessarily be the case.

Currently, and thanks to technology, there exists a wide range of accommodation options that are just as great, yet cheaper than most expensive hotels. For example, you can find great Airbnb listings in the places you plan to visit with enough space for you and your family.

Carry Snacks with You

For a travelling mother, snacks are a staple to your travel. You know that kids need to eat every now and then. The food in restaurants will be expensive and it will likely be full of empty calories so you will end up buying more.

Snacks are great for keeping kids satiated enough to wait for the next meal. You can have them in the car so you won’t have to make unnecessary stops. Also, if you made the snacks yourself, you are guaranteed that your kids will not fall sick from eating contaminated food.

Getting an Oyster Card

If your road trip involves travelling to London and using some form of public transport, an Oyster Card is an excellent option for someone looking to save money or travelling on a budget. It is meant to help you get around London using the underground train and busses. The card costs 3 and allows you to top it up as you go.

Also, the card comes with a number of offers and discounts as well as provisions for children of different ages.


Going on a road trip as a mum should not be hard or expensive. All you need is a few tips on making the best road trip for you and your family and you will enjoy England to its fullest degree.

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