Best Family Villa Holidays for 2018


The team at Oliver’s Travels have shared with London Mums their best villa holidays for 2018.







Ibiza, the all-night raving capital of the world – but there’s more to this festooned island than meets the eye. Step off the beaten track and you’ll soon discover that the White Isle is far more low-key than you could have ever imagined. Beyond the surface, there are hilltop hamlets, Mediterranean antidotes and unfrequented coves – all waiting to be sightseen.


San Antonio, Spain – June 15, 2015 : Sunbathers at Cala Conta beach in San Antonio, in Ibiza Island, Spain. Ibiza is a well-known summer tourist destination in Europe



Good for families: Thankfully, the party scene is contained to a small part of the island, leaving families with a good chunk for a sedate holiday. Regardless of age, Ibiza makes a great villa holiday destination for all; with sun, sea and sand, it’s a triple threat that almost no family can resist.






Ireland is the unsung hero of villa holiday destinations – but by golly it’s fantastic. For a taste of the hullabaloo take your brood to Dublin, for scenic vistas it’s a trip to Galway and if you’re looking for hearty Irish food then Cork is a must. Whichever you choose, just make sure you visit the old-school taverns, settle in for some folk music and sip away on a pint of Guinness.

Father and son admires beauty landscape. Location Horn Head in Ireland co. Donegal


Good for families: The crisp outdoors is perfect for little pitter patters and adults alike. You can indulge in plenty of fun-packed activities, some of which include surfing, dolphin-watching and Viking trails. And when the weather doesn’t oblige (which can happen quite often), take a tour of Ireland’s enchanting castles.


Italian Lakes

If the kids are still young enough to avoid school fines, then pay a visit to the Italian Lakes in June or September. The weather is spot on but more importantly, the crowds don’t peak until August and July. Besides the incredible scenery, the lakes are connected by some of Italy’s remarkable cities, including Milan and Verona – so you’ll never be too far from intricate escapades.


Garda, Italy – May 28, 2009: people cycling and strolling on the lakeside of Garda, one of the beautiful little cities on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda. On the background you can see the promontory of Punta San Vigilio, a natural landmark known worldwide for its romantic atmosphere.


Good for families: Every corner of the Italian Lakes has a dose of family fun. Thrill seekers will be in their element at the theme parks of Lake Garda, outdoor enthusiast will relish the hilly cycle paths and history buffs will enjoy the simplicity of museum hopping. The days can be extremely tiring, but don’t fret – when you need a hit of energy, you’re sure to find a gelato shop around every corner.






The tales of yesteryear can be found just about everywhere in Normandy, making it a great villa holiday destination for families seeking an out of the ordinary experience. History aside, tourists will also find a plethora of sandy beaches, inland villages and a gastronomy of dreams. So, with a wealth of great things to do, see and eat, you’d be a fool to miss out.

Etretat, France – June 02, 2011: Unidentified people and boats on beach of the sea ressort on Englsh Channel coast in Normandy


Good for families: Based on the above, Normandy may not appear to be the best place for kids – but that notion is just not true. For starters, Normandy’s star attraction Mont Saint-Michel looks like something straight out of a Disney movie and kids will be drawn in by the appeal of this monastic island. Then there are the lonely caves and medieval castles that further show off the region’s offerings for families.


Cote d’Azur & Provence


The southern life is incredibly tempting, especially for those in pursuit of a one-of-a-kind getaway. But where will you begin? You have the glitz of the French Riveria, the lavender fields in Provence and the white mountains of the Midi-Pyrénées. Let’s face it, there’s a region to satisfy all curiosities.


Little fashionable boy having fun in lavender field

Good for families: Great art, delicious food and equal doses of sea and sand – you don’t need any more reasons to visit the South of France. But regardless of where you are staying, there’s always an exciting happening close by. A holiday here involves a lot of fun, which could include anything from a day of horseriding to group cycling tours. There’s just so much choice!


That’s a wrap! But If you’re looking for even more destinations, the lovely folk at Oliver’s Travels have written a blog post about the best family villa holiday destinations – even more holiday inspo to sink your teeth into.


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