Advice for when travelling abroad for work

Travelling abroad for work is an exciting time in anyone’s life but it’s also something that can be daunting. It might be a short trip or a longer one, or maybe you’re moving permanently overseas for a job? Whatever it may be, here is some helpful advice for when travelling abroad for work.

Do research on where you’re going

Firstly, with any new country or place that you visit, it’s important to do research on where it is your going. The reason for this is that there are different cultures and ways of living that you might not have experienced before. It’s important that you’re doing your due diligence by exploring the history and background of a place that you’re going to for work. Work environments and cultures can also be different so it’s important to be aware of what these entail before you start working in them. The last thing you want to do is be disrespectful or rub anyone up the wrong way because you didn’t do your research properly or enough.

Have all the right documents needed

The right documents are definitely worth having when travelling abroad whether you’re doing it for a short work trip or you’re moving out there permanently. An immigration lawyer might be handy to have if you’re needing the right documents and working visas to able to work out there without anything going wrong that would get you kicked out of the country you’re in. Being prepared is important because you’re not always going to have the backing of an employer available. It might be that you are working alone as a freelancer and this would all need to be sorted quickly.

Take multiple forms of currency

Multiple forms of currency are something that is always good to have regardless of how long you’re in another country. There might be times where you run out of cash and therefore need your card to make withdrawals or to do contactless payments. You might find using a travel card is useful so as not to incur too many high charges or fees like you would when using your card abroad.

Try to take with you multiple forms of currency just to keep yourself safe and at ease, knowing you’ve got money in all forms to pay for things needed.

Keep up communications

Keeping up communications is key when you’re abroad and it’s something you want to be active with all the time. You may feel like the place is your second home but it’s still good to let others back home know, where you are and where you’re going. It’s just going to give you peace of mind and your loved ones too. Regardless of the length of your stay, it’s always good to keep in touch with your loved ones so that you can update them on how things are going.


Travelling abroad for work is always exciting so whatever you do or wherever you go, have fun with it and don’t forget to do some sight-seeing too!

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