Activities to enjoy during a family holiday in Megève, France 

So it’s always been your dream to visit Megève, and you finally have the money and opportunity to travel; congratulations. However, having money is just one part of the puzzle; you also need to make the trip fun. It would be best if you made an itinerary of fun activities to enjoy during your visit. This article contains the top four things you should add to your to-do list for a fun holiday.

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4 Best Things to Do in Megève 

Keep reading to find the best activities for a swell time in Megève:

Ski During Winter 

If you visit Megève in winter, skiing is a must-do activity. The Le Jaillet and Mont d’Arbois ski areas are always crowded with tourists and locals when winter comes. Whether a beginner or advanced skier, you will find the perfect slop to enjoy yourself on the mountain.

Go Hiking if it’s Summer 

Megève has hiking trails ideal for both winter and summer, but summer tends to be more ideal for hiking. The best hiking trails are in Chemin du Maz, Mont Joux, and Col du Jaillet. If you rent a chalet from, ask the service providers for the closest and safest hiking trail to your location. 

Visit the Megève Museum

For those who enjoy art appreciation and prefer indoor activities, visiting the Megève Museum is ideal. All the paintings and artifacts in this museum are curated following the highest standards. A visit to the museum is also an opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of Megève.

Opt for a Cultural Work 

If you live in an urban center, you may want to retreat into a rural area during your vacation in Megève. Le Chemin du Calvaire presents this option. During this cultural walk, you will grow a deeper appreciation for nature and the rich history of France. While you can walk by yourself, it is better to opt for a guided tour and travel with a group. 

Megève has everything you need to enjoy your vacation in paradise. The beautiful town in the French Alps attracts thousands of tourists annually. Whether you visit in winter, summer, or when it rains, you can rest assured that you will find fun activities to enjoy.

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