6 Tips for creating a travel-filled elopement wedding

If you and your partner are big travel lovers then an elopement just may be the thing for you. Some people are tired of traditional weddings and would like to do something a little bit cheaper, intimate, and far more exciting. Elopements have been gaining in popularity over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re feeling lost or confused about what to do in order to create your travel-filled elopement, then look no further than this mini-guide! 


Begin by imagining what your elopement will be like

If you both have agreed to do an elopement, then it’s best to sit down and have a glass of coffee or wine and talk this out. You both should discuss three very important things that you’d like to incorporate in this elopement and discuss how they may be able to happen. Since this is both of your wedding days, it should be able to cater to both needs. Another thing to raise is what matters most? Guest? Photography? Location? Are you want there to be a party after the ceremony, if so then Clevedon Hall could be a fabulous option. It’s also important to imagine what your elopement will be like.

Research how to get your marriage license

Every country and even province is going to be different in how you’ll be able to acquire your marriage license, so you must plan this far in advance before your elopement. You may need witnesses as well depending on the area where you’re getting married. It’s very important to keep all of this in mind and research all of this far in advance.

Look into getting a photographer

It’s not necessarily required, unless you have great skills in travel photography and have solid camera gear, it may be best to just hire a photographer. Since this is your special day, it’s important that you try to not worry about anything. During this little intimate ceremony, you shouldn’t need to worry whether or not your camera is in focus.

 You should enjoy the moment which is why you should look into hiring a photographer that specialises in elopements! Elopement photographers will have more experience and knowledge on some of the logistics. Plus they’ll be able to help you out in finding the best spot to say your vows.

Choose a location

The best part of the elopement planning process is getting to choose where you’d like to go! Where would you like for your ceremony to be? How would you like the weather to be? Do you have any landscapes in mind for this intimate ceremony? Are you wanting it to be sunny and warm? Are you wanting it to be snowy? What time of the day are you wanting it to be? Do you want it to happen during golden hour? These are a lot of questions, but they all need to be answered so your travel-filled elopement dream can turn into a reality.

Plan ahead

Last thing you want to do is try booking anything at the last minute. This includes your flight, hotel, photographer, or anything else. Never push any of this off to the last minute as it will make it far more stressful. 

After the ceremony

What would you like after the sweet ceremony has ended? Want to do something fun with your guest and take a hike? How about a picnic? What about going out to eat? It’s important to celebrate this wonderful day, so how would you like to do it?

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