5 Reasons why a Family Vacation is Important


Are you guilty of checking your work emails on your days off?

Cell phones allow us to carry entire computers around in our pockets, so it’s really hard to switch off completely.



Rather than spending your time off sitting indoors, watching television, organize a family vacation to give yourself a proper break. If funds are tight you don’t need to splash out on an expensive trip abroad: sometimes a short hotel stay in a nearby town – or even going camping in your own backyard – gives you all the rest you need.


Here’s why:

  1.     You will be reminded of what your family looks like

These days everyone’s lives are so busy with getting the kids to school, rushing to work, driving everyone to their evening activities, cooking meals and preparing to do it all over again the next day that it feels like you never get to see the other members of your family.

You’re like ships in the night: passing in the corridor on your way to the bathroom or shouting a greeting as you fly through the door.

Taking a week or two for a family vacation will give you the time to sit down together that you don’t normally have. Long journeys or small hotel rooms will force you to spend time with your loved ones, talking and catching up about what’s really been happening in your lives recently.

Use a vacation to get to know your family again and to remind yourselves why you love each other.



  1.     You can all unwind together

Work and school can throw up some very tough, stressful times for all members of a household.

If your family tends to take your breaks at different times of year – all taking a few days off individually rather than all at the same time – your energies will clash. While one person is trying to relax, another is getting run down by work; later in the year the roles might reverse.

If this happens, stress from as little as one person can cause real tension in the house, meaning that whoever has time off never gets to feel the benefits.

This is why you should try to organize your time as a family, arranging to take your vacations at the same time.

That way, there will be a designated period of time – say two weeks – when you will all be free from work stresses and a lack of sleep. If you all relax and unwind at the same time, you’ll all feel less tension – and less stress is good for your health.


  1.     You can try out new hobbies

As individuals you all have your own hobbies and interests, but how often do you really get involved in the things that the rest of your family enjoys?

Having a family vacation gives you a reason to do exactly that. If your kids love being active, hire some bikes for the day and go for a family cycle; if your husband or wife enjoys fishing, borrow some rods and spend a day at the lake.

It doesn’t matter what the activity is: if it’s something new in which you don’t normally participate, the variety will be stimulating and relaxing. If nothing else, trying out your loved ones’ hobbies will give you a deeper understanding of them as people and what makes them tick.

If you already get involved in each other’s hobbies or if you all enjoy the same thing, then you can always use the time trying out something completely different. At the very least it will be enriching, but you might end up finding a new passion. Call it an adventure!


  1.     You can better yourselves

Quite rightly, there is an association between time off work or school and relaxing. However, too often that idea of relaxing extends to lazing around at home – and that’s where the problems come in.

Yes, you might be able to catch up on sleep, but that’s about all you’ll do.

Organising a family vacation is a good excuse to get up off the couch and to better yourselves.

You’ll probably have more fresh air than if you were sitting at home, which benefits circulation and brain function. As well as keeping you healthy, you will feel the effects of this oxygen once you return to work.

You could take this a step further by spending your vacation doing sporting activities as a family. If you’ve headed to the mountains then give abseiling a try; if you’re at the beach then have a go at training for SUP fitness; if you’ve opted for a city break then go on a walking tour.


Check out a SUP fitness and training guidance here.

In this way, not only will you feel all the other benefits of having a family vacation – like spending quality time together – but you’ll be bettering yourselves health-wise, too.


  1.     You can make memories

When you’re lying on your deathbed, you won’t remember all the great times you’ve had sitting on the couch.

You’ll remember the quality time that you’ve spent with your loved ones, and you’ll remember all the experiences that you’ve shared.

Now is the time to go out and make those memories.

Taking a family vacation gives you a chance to step away from normal life and do something extraordinary.

It’s understandable (although not ideal) to keep your phone with you while you’re at work, but take advantage of a family vacation by doing a whole digital detox. Turn your phones and computers off, and just spend your time enjoying each other’s company. With no distractions, you’ll be open to different experiences and you’ll enjoy your time more.


Trust me: your kids will thank you for it.


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