3 Must-See Attractions For Your Cotswold Family Vacation

Living in the city has plenty of perks but the hustle and bustle can also leave you feeling drained and in desperate need of the occasional family getaway. Places like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Spain, and France may top many lists in terms of family vacation destinations but you don’t need to spend a fortune or travel great distances for an outstanding, fun-filled family vacation.  A mere 100 miles (or an hour’s drive) from London lies the Cotswolds, begging to be discovered by kids and parents alike who will be entranced by all the majestic countryside has to offer. Regardless of your age, the Cotswolds is the perfect breakaway-destination with a myriad of attractions and activities, such as the following, on offer for the entire family.

Cotswold Farm Park

Countryfile presenter Adam Henson took over the charming park, which first opened its doors in 1971, from his dad in 1999 and has since helped develop it into one of the nation’s most beloved family destinations.  The park is home to over 50 herds and flocks of rare breed animals and offers a wide range of activities such as a wildlife walk, farm safari, adventure playground as well as a number of adventure barns.

While you are welcome to picnic on the premises, there are a number of dining options available such as Adam’s Kitchen that is known for its hearty hot lunches. During busy periods, Dolly’s Snack Bar and the Milk Churn Coffee Bar open their doors to the public offering a delicious array of sweets and savouries.

Cotswold Farm Park, although open to day-visitors, also caters for those with tents, caravans, and motorhomes, inviting them to enjoy an extended countryside experience. Camping at Cotswold Farm Park is extremely popular due to its affordability and it is suggested that you plan your trip well in advance, booking your spot early to avoid any disappointment.

Tickets to the park are available at the entrance or can be purchased online to secure the best prices and applicable discounts available. 

Cotswolds Water Park

When you hear the words ‘water park’ chances are you imagining the type with slides and flumes. In this instance, however, it refers to the 150 interlinking lakes situated in the southern part of Cotswolds.  40-acre site offers just about every possible outdoor activity you can imagine ranging from hiking and biking to watersport and birdwatching. 

During summer, the water park even features a beach and various rides on inflatables. Other activities include golf, paintballing, archery, sailing, swimming, wakeboarding and even a sculpture park filled with contemporary art pieces.  With all the outdoor activities happening around them, the children are bound to get hungry. Luckily eateries of all varieties are plentiful in the water park with restaurants, tea rooms, picnic spots and even a few pubs for the adults scattered across the premises. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to take advantage of all the amenities of the park in a single day so you best book the family into one of the fabulous, child-friendly B&B’s or hotels situated in the area for an entire weekend or longer.

Blenheim Palace

No British family getaway is complete without a visit to at least one stately home. Built by the 1st Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim Palace in Woodstock is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and boasts a striking interior that will be of great fascination to adults and older children. 

A ride on the miniature train will take you to the family-friendly Pleasure Gardens where both children and adults will enjoy the thrills of the Marlborough Maze (the largest of its kind in Europe). The gardens are also home to the Butterfly House, Adventure Playground and the tranquil Lavender Garden. The Palace offers a range of fascinating experiences and events ranging from historical tours to annual food festivals, picnic concerts and cinema encounters that will keep the whole family thoroughly entertained.

The endless supply of family-orientated activities the Cotswolds has to offer makes it the perfect destination for a much-needed and well-deserved family getaway. Regardless of whether you spend a single day, a weekend or your entire vacation in this beautiful part of the UK, you and your family are bound to return home feeling relaxed, happy and ready to face the great big city of London again.

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