2021 Family Travel Guide

2020 has been a rough year all around, and the travel industry is no exception to that. Many travel businesses have gone into administration, while tourist destinations such as Bali are struggling to cope without holiday-makers’ revenue. The coronavirus pandemic forced many people to cancel their much-anticipated holidays, and while this was disappointing for all of us, lots of us are anticipating being able to travel in 2021. Here’s London Mums’ very own Family Travel Guide. 

Although 2020 is ending, the coronavirus pandemic is still with us. There are growing concerns that travel restrictions will continue in the first half of 2021, despite the fast distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. In this blog we will explore travel options in 2021, along with some of the best places to visit once travel opens back up.

Here is your definitive 2021 Family Travel Guide!

Will I be able to travel in 2021?

This is the question on everybody’s lips right now. There are no current guidelines for how 2021’s travel will pan out, and it depends on which country you are travelling from and to. Here in the UK, the current guidelines state that British holidaymakers can’t go to France or Spain under current guidelines which seem unlikely to change in the next few weeks. However, coronavirus guidelines are constantly changing, and with the swift distribution of the vaccine that is already underway in the UK, 2021 is unlikely to be a write-off.


Will Brexit affect travel in 2021?

One factor that will affect our travel from the UK in 2021 is Brexit. Love it or hate it, Brexit is complicating our ability to travel to Europe from the 1st January 2021. In order to travel to Europe for a holiday, vacationers will need to book their own health insurance, pre-plan their pet travel and access visas in order to be allowed into the country. This, alongside coronavirus restrictions, will complicate travel in 2021. Nevertheless, travelling will not be impossible.


It is very likely that, in the interest of the economy, holiday destinations will open as soon as it is humanly possible. Perhaps it wouldn’t be wise to book a New Year getaway, but it is thought that by the spring and summer months, holidays will be available. 

The best places to visit in 2021

If you have been dying for a getaway in 2020, who could blame you? You might have sat at home dreaming of skiing the slopes of northern Italy, soaking up the sun on a Thai beach or hiking the mountains of Colorado… Well, dreams do come true! Here are some of the best places to visit in 2021.

South East Asia

While South East Asia has been off-limits to tourists for much of 2020, there is a huge chance that it will be reopening for tourism in 2021. If the vaccine is distributed effectively by the spring of 2021, it is very likely that countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, who had a fast and intense approach to curb the virus back in spring 2020, will be welcoming tourists with open arms. Unfortunately, the economic viability within these countries, many of whom rely hugely on tourism, has weakened this year. This gives them all the more reason to welcome tourists, within limitations. 


Southern Europe

Although France, Spain, Italy and Portugal are relatively off-limits to Brits right now, this is probably going to change in 2021. Southern European countries have also faltered with lack of tourism this year, meaning that as soon as physically possible these places are likely to become available for British tourism. There may still be some restrictions, testing, quarantining and other limitations that curb any further spread of coronavirus, but this will be unlikely to shut the borders completely in 2021. 

Of course, as we said before, travellers from Britain should take Brexit considerations into account when booking a trip to Europe next year.

Central and South America

Although Central and South America have suffered at the hands of the coronavirus, the closure of borders of countries in this area during 2020 means that the virus has been relatively well-curbed. In this instance, it means that once most of the population is vaccinated by mid-to-late 2021, it will be possible to visit Central and South America. 


Will travelling still be different in 2021?

Although borders will be likely to reopen in 2021, travel will still come with some restrictions. It appears that many countries will be continuing to operate at limited tourism capacity for the next year or so, in order to gain revenue from holidaymakers without operating at a high level of risk. Here are a few ways in which travel will still be different in 2021.

    • Masks may still be enforced. When it comes to flying and visiting indoor spaces in certain countries, it is likely that mask-wearing will be enforced. We are all pretty used to wearing a mask in public by now, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It’s a small price to pay to have an awesome holiday somewhere sunny!
  • There could still be last-minute changes to restrictions. The coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing event that can change in unexpected ways. Even though 2021 is predicted to see an easing of restrictions, this doesn’t mean that everything will be 100% certain next year. Make sure, if you are booking a holiday for 2021, you buy travel insurance that covers restrictions so as not to lose out on money if your trip is cancelled.
  • Travel within countries might change. Once you arrive at the destination, you will be expected to comply with local restrictions. This could affect local transport in the country, shopping, eating out and hotel regulations.


In conclusion, 2021 will hopefully bring some joy and light into our lives after a difficult 2020. If you are looking forward to travelling next year, use this guide to help you choose your destination carefully. When booking holidays for 2021, always ensure you book insurance, and stay up to the minute with restrictions that are announced. Happy 2021 travels!


Have you enjoyed this Family Travel Guide? Where would you like to go with your kids when we will be able to travel again? Share your travel wish list below this post.

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