Travel solo: Four Tips for a Stress-Free Mum’s Weekend

It takes a village to raise a child, and yet far too often mums around the world are putting too much on their shoulders. You play a critical role in your child’s life, but that does not mean you cannot care for yourself from time to time. In fact, not allowing yourself room to breathe can deplete your mental and physical wellbeing.

You deserve to relax and to do things you want to do – without your kids. This includes going on that mum’s weekend away with your friends or your partner so that you can be “you” again, instead of “mum.”

That being said, you cannot let the stress of parenthood follow you on your trip away. Therefore, the following guide is going to help you have a stress-free weekend away so that you can come back a refreshed and better mother.


Organise Easy Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

One of the best ways to reduce stress when on a mum’s weekend away is to plan activities for your children. Get your mother tickets for her to take the kids to the aquarium or petting zoo, for example. This way you can ensure your children have fun while you are away so that you don’t have to feel guilty. They will be fine without you, and chances are they wouldn’t have fun on your trip anyway.


Budget for Your Trip in Advance

Money is another common stressor for many travellers, mums or not. That is why it is important for you to budget and save well in advance. This means getting tickets and accommodation before you go and then giving yourself a healthy allowance per day to keep you going. You want to do this before you go so that your family can comfortably afford your fun.


Tips for Choosing the Best Time to Travel  

There are two things to consider when you travel as a parent. One, what is going on in your child’s life during that period and two, what is happening at your destination. You don’t want to go during exam season, as this will be a period when your children are most stressed and will need you. That’s why a good time to travel on a getaway weekend is in the middle of term, so they are comfortably settled but don’t likely have too many big projects or tests coming up.

October, for example, is a great time to travel. You can go to Austin to enjoy a famous music festival with your friends and break away from your stress as a parent. Just remember to choose the right vacation rentals in Austin so that you are in a neighborhood that suits your needs.


Stay Connected Wherever You Go

One of the most stressful parts about travelling as a mum is that you are not within easy reach if there has been an accident. Today this is made easier with EU regulations dictating that you can use your UK service throughout the EU, but that will likely change. Get in the habit of getting a pay-as-you-go SIM for the country you are in so that you can stay in touch in case of emergencies.

You deserve a trip away in order to have fun as an adult. Go with your friends, or your partner, or even by yourself, just make sure you have a stress-free time.

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