Things to do from the sofa and … not just for couch potatoes

Thanks to the modern world, there is a range of services that you can take advantage of from the comforts of your sofa. Here are some examples that you could get involved with.

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TV And Film Streaming Services

Firstly, the most obvious service that you can take advantage of from your sofa comes in the form of TV and film streaming services. Platforms such as Netflix allow you to pay a small fee to access a catalogue of titles that allow you to instantly watch. In terms of leisure and personal pleasure, this will be one of the most impactful services you can take advantage of.

Working From Home

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many workers were forced to work from home. Even after everything started opening up again, some employers decided that their workers could continue working from home due to personal preference and saving money on a workspace. This benefits both the workers and employers, as they both can save money from travelling and other work-based expenses.

As you can imagine, that now means that there is a range of services available for those working at home, such as Office applications or other important software’s. Some businesses have started operating with the sole purpose of helping businesses adjust to remote working. For example, some HR departments have been outsourced to manage workers across the country, with some workers even working abroad.



Thanks to smartphones and modern technology, you can access your bank by simply looking at your phone. That’s because there is smartphone technology that allows you to unlock certain applications with your face, with banking apps using this as a type of verification.

You will be able to log in, and instantly send money to and friends or family that you need to or want to. Aside from your bank, you can use other financial applications for your means. Applications such as PayPal or even crypto apps can be used for the same purpose or managing your finances in general.

Gaming Services

There is a range of gaming services that you can take advantage of from the comforts of your own home. Arguably one of the best values for money comes in the form of the Xbox Games Pass. This is a subscription-based service that allows you to pay a small fee each month, receiving access to hundreds of video game titles straight away.

This means that you can sit on your sofa and choose whatever game you feel like playing, without having to go out and purchase the physical copy of the game. This offers accessibility and features that were not previously possible.

Legal Services

Traditionally, if you wanted to seek out legal counsel for any issues that you had, you would have to go into town to arrange an appointment with a solicitor. Over the years, it evolved into being able to arrange appointments over the phone or even having the entire appointment over the phone.

In recent years, this has expanded further. Nowadays, you can arrange a consultation after filling out a short form online so that a solicitor has enough information to get started on a case before even meeting.

As with all things, the impact of COVID-19 changed how these appointments worked, and thanks to video applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype it made it easy to engage with these appointments. That means you can be sat at home whilst on a video call discussing any ongoing case you have, or planning to have, with your lawyer. Some people will prefer to have a webcam to do this, or they will just use their voice.

The important thing to remember is that you have options, which means you can approach this however you see fit. It will depend on what legal matter you need resolving. Something non-criminal related, such as estate planning and will writing, is something that can easily be done from home without the need to go in person or even go to court. This web-cam wills service is one such option that can help guide you through the estate planning process, using the latest technology to make seamless online meetings and sort through a range of issues.

Food Shopping

Another incredibly handy service that you can take advantage of comes in the form of doing your food shopping from home. Gone are the days where you have to drive out to a giant supermarket to pick up your essentials or even having to walk to the local smaller shop to pay more for less.

Thanks to modern technology, you can use a website or even an app on your phone to order a range of different foods. This doesn’t just refer to fast food being delivered, but your entire food shop itself. With some supermarkets, you may not even have to pay for delivery if you spend a certain amount, and will be free to choose a timeslot that suits you and your needs.

This all means you could be sitting on your sofa and order your weekly shop within minutes, to arrive in the next few hours, or even schedule it in advance. You can press a button to reorder what you got last time or select your favourites from that shop if you don’t need as much.

Again, one of the biggest reasons we have seen an increase in food shopping online has been COVID-19. It offered an easy solution to get your food shopping in safely even if you were confined to lockdown.

Treating Yourself

As well as using apps to order food shopping, you can use applications such as Amazon to order yourself anything you like. This could be games that you’ve been wanting or something that you’ve been after for a while.

Either way, you will be able to treat yourself with ease and get whatever you want without leaving your home. Some online retailers could even have your products and treat sent to you on the same day.

Food Subscription

Whilst this article slightly went over food earlier, it’s worth also talking about food subscription services. This can come in a variety of different forms, such as ordering pre-made lunches for your week at a set cost, which saves you time and stress throughout the week.

There will be companies that specialise in only doing food subscriptions. A lot of protein food businesses for example will offer a rolling service at a discounted rate. Otherwise, you could take advantage of more generic businesses that don’t specialise in subscription services but offer it all the same.

Gym And Exercising

You may think that the gym is something that only exists outside of your home, but you would be wrong. Of course, you can purchase gym equipment to use at home for your leisure, but you won’t get the full gym experience.

This refers to personal trainers and tutors which you commonly find at any gym or health centre in the country. Thanks to online and digital methods, you can benefit from personal trainers from home. This could be through them speaking to you through an earpiece or headphones, or even on video.

This is popular with yoga and classes in general, where a group can come together to work out with a teacher. Some teachers do these courses through live streams or pre-recorded sessions so that everyone will have availability for them.

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