The importance of teaching our children to bee-friendly & bee-kind

In a world where bee populations are threatened by habitat loss, it’s more important than ever to teach your children to bee-friendly and bee-kind.

Persuading your children to love bees can have its challenges.  Whilst they are gorgeous to look at – particularly the furry, bumblebee variety – as well as industrious and critical to our environment, it’s not as if you can encourage them to pick one up and interact with it for fear of a sting. 

Giving them play material that encourages them to love bees is a good alternative, and if that alternative also serves to promote a thriving bee population – so much the better.

Your children won’t be able to help falling in love with a Wheelybug from  The Bee Wheelybug along with its Ladybird counterpart, are best sellers in Hippychick’ s portfolio of beautiful toys and for good reason.  The original and the best ride ons, Wheelybugs fascinate and challenge children’s dexterity and imagination with their capacity to go backwards, forwards, and even round and round.  They’re also beautifully designed as well as robust and sturdy – often standing the test of time within families for generations.

From July, children can also learn which flowers bees love, too, as well as engage hands-on with the process of growing from seed.  Every bee and ladybird Wheelybug purchased from Hippychick in July, August, and September, will be despatched with a pack of seeds, containing a richly varied mix of bee-friendly meadow flowers. 

The Bee Border Garden Mix contains 10 grams of high-quality seeds designed to produce results. The seeds are suitable for growing throughout August and September and include cornflower, lesser knapweed, marjoram, native red clover, vetch, and foxglove.

Wheelybugs can be purchased from Baby Toys & Gifts | Unique Presents For Babies & Toddlers | Hippychick and retail at £69.95 for the smallest size.

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