Six essential items to send your fresher to Uni with

Sometimes the most expensive purchases are not the most useful things to send your child to uni with. This will be your child’s first time away from home, which means they will suddenly be responsible for cooking and cleaning. Items like cleaning supplies, bedding and stationery often fall under the radar. This will ultimately save your child a lot of hassle and money in their first few weeks of uni. The chaos of freshers week must not be underestimated, so sending your child off with a bounty of useful items will make their move from home that much easier. Below is a checklist of six things that will make life easier for a first-year student:

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay


Colour Catcher

No doubt you will be sending your child to uni with some lovely new bed linens. But if they’ve never had to wash their own sheets before they will probably end up having a colour run accident. By sending them back with Colour Catcher this won’t be a problem! These nifty laundry sheets prevent colour run accidents by trapping loose dyes, meaning they don’t need to worry about separating their whites from colours. They can be bought in any major grocery store in the UK including Tesco, Wilko and Sainsburys.

Oust All Purpose Descaler

Sending your child to university armed with a packet of Oust All Purpose Descaler is a good idea. The likelihood is that the kettle and other items in their kitchen will have a limescale build up; the same will most likely be the case for shower heads. Oust works in just 10 minutes and removes 100% of all limescale, and is designed to work on several different household items. It will do all the hard work for your child and means that they won’t have to worry about buying a new kettle or scrubbing their shower head for hours!


Tupperware is the unsung hero of any student kitchen. Sending your child back with lots of this will save them time and money. You can buy a six-pack for only £1.50 at Wilkos and introduce your child to the magic of meal prep. If you were feeling particularly lovely, you could even batch cook a few meals and put them in tupperware for your child to freeze. This means they will have an emergency supply of home-cooked meals in their freezer that will keep for up to six months


Dylon Dyes Pods

Instead of buying your child new clothes to start uni, why not consider giving them some Dylon Dyes Machine Pods? This means they can upcycle their outfits using the bright, vibrant colour pods. After all, sustainable, second-hand clothing is super on-trend at the moment. The process is simple and your child’s wardrobe will be revamped in no time for a fraction of the cost of buying a new outfit.

Air Fryer

 An air fryer will be a great addition to your child’s uni kitchen. Not only will it save them time cooking, but it’ll also mean they’ll have a healthier diet because the fryer takes away the temptation of getting fries from a chip shop! The air frying technology means your child can fry food without the excess fat associated with traditional frying – and all in a reduced time. You can buy one of these for only £34.99 on Amazon at the moment.

A Reusable Coffee Cup

Those pre-lecture, early-morning coffees and teas are going to become a necessity for your child. Sending them to uni with a reusable coffee cup means that they’ll save money buying lukewarm coffees from the university cafes and will be eco-friendly at the same time. You can also have fun with the design and get one that reminds them of home. You can even personalise one for them using this website!

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