Prepare for the 3+ 4+ school entrance assessments this Summer

There are so many ways you can help prepare your children for the prep school entrance assessments by still having fun with your little one.
Give these ideas a go this summer, and help your little one get assessment ready!

Farm/Zoo trips!

school entrance assessments farm 2

This has always been a favourite for kids (and parents!) There is something so relaxing about being close to nature. Plan a trip with your kids, getting them as involved as possible. Make sure you have the whole family talking all about animals, also check out the map of the zoo and let them decide which animal they would like to see first. Get them drawing animals, catch a few shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo, and read all about them!


Fruit&Veg Picking

school entrance assessments fruit picking
Strawberries, plums, apples- what a great way to get the kids eating healthy and learning all about where the fruits&Veg that we buy from the supermarket come from. A weeks before you go make sure you discuss what different fruit and veg that this farm grow. Pay attention also to what season it is and why for e.g. we cannot pick broccoli and Brussels sprouts in the summer.


Visit the Park!

halloween fun in hyde park
Something as simple as visiting the park is a great way to get kids exploring and learning outdoors. When children play in natural environments, their play is more diverse with imaginative and creative play that fosters language and collaborative skills (Moore & Wong 1997, Taylor, et al. 1998, Fjortoft 2000).

school entrance assessments park kids

Get them feeding the ducks, and blowing dandelion seeds, and exploring as much as possible. Also depending on your childs age, the park is a great place to teach your little one to ride a bike (without the suspenders!)


Play dates

PLAYMOBIL Suite Waldorf Hilton - London
These can be a great way of creating deeper and meaningful friendships for your little ones, and also can give them confidence. Play dates are also useful for seeing how your child communicates with his/her peers, and to experience a different family at their home or by being in a different home.


Baking and helping in the Kitchen

kew gardens kids cooking
Kids love baking, and by giving them a role in the kitchen they feel very important and take their job incredibly seriously! Get them involved as much as possible. Making scones together is a favourite of mine. school entrance assessments kids cooking

There is something about squishing the butter into the flour that kids can’t get enough of! Measure ingredients together and talk about what the recipe is and what ingredients you need in order to make the dish. Make a shopping list and make it as fun as possible for the little ones!

There are many things you can do together during this summer that can help get young ones ready for the up and coming 3+ and 4+ private school assessments. Don’t leave it till the last minute as many parents do! The main thing is to have fun and the rest will follow.

Please do contact me for any advice and help in planning your little ones for the entrance assessments.

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