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“How did he do?” “Did she make it through?” “Have you heard yet?” …For all those parents out there who have recently been through the school entrance assessment process, I’m sure you can relate to being asked these questions a million times. I am a mother to 3 darling children, my boys are 2 and 3 and my daughter is 5. Yes it is a mad house, and yes I sadly find myself super excited when I have time to wash my hair, eat food other than leftovers, and last but by no means least, enjoy a (large) glass of delectable red vino.

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When my daughter was 3 we were living in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her kindergarten was bliss, all day she would play outside and eat graham crackers. At the end of the day we would either go for a walk on the beach or head to the park before heading back home for dinner.

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My family was in for a shock when we moved a world away and back to Northwood. Private Schools galore! Although I myself had attended one of these schools, I really had no idea how competitive some of the mums could be, especially when it came to bragging about which school their child attended. It is a right of way for some!

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I remember just before the entrance assessments began for my kids, being asked by fellow mums what schools I had applied for? Which was my first choice? What’s your backup plan? I figured (biased or not) my kids are bright, and as a family we spend lots of quality time together and that surely should be enough to get them through…my son who sat the 3+ assessment managed to gain a place at 2/3 of the schools we applied for, however my daughter did not even get 1 offer! I could not help but feel absolutely heartbroken for her, and blamed it all on myself, I did not think I would take it so personally but I could not help feel that I had let her down. What made it even more painful was hearing all her friends had gained places into almost all the schools. I just had to know what it was that she had done differently.  Prep school entrance assessment pressure 3

I immediately went online in search of what…I am not sure. After scrolling online for some time I managed to find a tutor who prepares children for assessments, after speaking with her I found out we would have to remortgage our house in order to afford her!- so that was not an option for us. I decided to prepare her myself, gaining information from as many sources as possible along the way. A year went by and she attended the 5+ assessment for a highly prestigious private school nearby, and a few months later we were thrilled for her as she gained a place.

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After the whole experience I felt so drained and although I do feel it was all worth it, I do wish there were more people out there who would talk about their experiences, and share what is yet to come for parents about to go through the whole process. I started advising friends and family, all whose children gained places to their preferred schools. I know how daunting and intimidating it is, and as a result I started ‘The Rainbow Club’. My priority is to get children to obtain a thirst for knowledge, allowing education to become an enjoyment and not a chore. I am more than happy to offer support and guidance to parents who are going through the entrance assessment process. Get an understanding of what’s expected of your children at these assessments beforehand.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you just fancy having a moan about your own entrance assessment experiences!

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