New research shows comics are inspiring children to become life-long readers

Readly collaborates with Disney to launch 80+ Disney magazines on the digital subscription app. Making reading a magical experience – almost one in ten children most enjoy reading comics out of all literature choices. With almost a quarter of parents and grandparents feeling its top benefit is creating a habit and a love of reading. This is according to the latest research commissioned by Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper subscription app.

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Sparking curiosity and a lust for literature, the research reveals that over a third of parents and grandparents have introduced comics or fantasy magazines to their children or grandchildren.

“Comics are a gateway into creating life-long readers. Kids who read graphic novels and short form content are more likely to foster a love of reading. It helps create a healthy reading habit, provides exposure and drives confidence for reading. With the illustration helping to deepen the narrative and reveal important social and cultural cues,” says Child Development Expert Dr Jacqueline Harding, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University, Director of Tomorrows child and former BBC Education Editor and Headteacher.

Readly has collaborated with Disney to bring over 80 Disney magazines to its subscribers. Featuring much-loved character comics such as Disney’s Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, High School Musical, Star WarsTM and MARVEL. Young readers can immerse themselves in the Disney experience through brilliant stories, fantasy adventures, craft ideas and activities based on their favourite Disney characters.

The Disney magazines are available to all the family as part of Readly’s unlimited reading subscription where users can instantly access and read magazines and newspapers at home or on the go via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Disney magazine portfolio features in Readly’s children’s category.

Readly offers 6,300 magazines and newspapers on its app and as a subscription gives users five profiles per household, the whole family can enjoy access too. Perfect for both young and old – from reading the morning paper to immersing yourself in favourite interests or specialist topics. You can bookmark the latest recipe, research the next must-have tech, future holiday destination or delve into an epic adventure with your favourite Disney character.

Readly is £9.99 per month for unlimited reading. Visit for more information. 

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