My Tourist Guide to the Solar System

On 1st February 2012, a unique travel guide to the solar system will transport young explorers on an exhilarating adventure into outer space. London Mums love it because it is easy to read and also easy to understand a scientific topic that we as parents don’t always remember well 🙂 The pictures and illustrations are very good and brought back lovely memories of my time at school. Highly recommended book!

Starting from the Sun and working outward, My Tourist Guide to the Solar System highlights the solar system’s star attractions, from the dazzling rings of Saturn to the geysers of Jupiter’s moons. Unearth the secrets of the planets, stars and moons, find out what to take, where to land, what to see and do – and how to steer clear of deadly hazards. This guide also reveals the practicalities of living in space and includes tips on coping with microgravity, space food, space toilets and journeys lasting months or years.

Stunning artworks by renowned space artist Ron Miller and the latest NASA images bring the planets to life, while the science of space is relayed through fun facts and quirky profiles of the planets and their top attractions, such as Jupiter’s Red Spot or the spectacular fountains of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus.

Looking into the solar system’s labyrinth of facts can take you on a fascinating journey. Whether you want to collect “diamond rain” from Neptune’s cloud tops or embark on death-defying treks up the scorching volcanoes of Venus, there are enough galactic adventures here to capture the imagination of the most daring armchair astronomer.

Price: ÂŁ8.99

About the Author
Dr Lewis Dartnell is an astrobiology research scientist at University College London, looking into the possibility of life beyond Earth. He also writes frequent popular science articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as appearing on TV shows such as BBC Sky at Night and Wonders of the Universe.

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