Mumpreneur’s testimonial: 10 minutes chat with ‘Every Teacher Matters’ author Kathryn Lovewell

Inspirational chat with ‘Every Teacher Matters’ author Kathryn Lovewell.

Do you have children?

I am a very proud mum! I have three beautiful boys, two birth sons and one step son. As I mention in my book, Oliver, Dominic and James have been my biggest teachers. Every day I have the challenge to guide my children the best way I know how. Helping them grow in confidence, build their understanding of the world and soothe their pain when they have been at the receiving end of difficult exchanges. I have taught them healthy strategies to help access their inner strength when dealing with bullies in class, the teasing in the play ground and the staring because there is something “wrong” – something different about them; and inspiring them to follow their heart, do what they love and be the best human being they can be. My pursuit of self development has given me the practical tools to help my children grow into loving, responsible and kind young men. The techniques I learnt and continue to practise every day don’t make me a perfect mum, but give me a better chance at being the best mum and mentor I can be for my children.

How did it all begin?

I really loved my teaching job and I threw myself into it. I was deeply fulfilled and delighted working with young people who grew in confidence and skill as I taught them. However the intense pressure of teaching took its toll. After the first term I was pretty pooped, but thrilled at the positive impact I was making. By the second term I was blossoming as a teacher but my body was really beginning to struggle. By the end of the year I was hospitalised. That long awaited and well earned summer holiday was lost. I had major surgery and missed the next half term of school recovering. I had a long time to contemplate what I had done “wrong”. I knew if I wanted to remain a teacher, a positive role model and be healthy, I would have to do things differently. This is where my self-development journey began.

What was your experience as a mum & why might your book ‘Every Teacher Matters’ help me as a mum?

I love being a mum. It is the biggest privilege I have ever had in my life. It’s the best job in the world and the most demanding! I have had some genuine challenges as a mum; unpleasant pregnancies, difficult births, excruciating sleep deprivation for years (neither of my boys slept through until they were 4!) My youngest has a chronic condition that has generated long term suffering since he was nine months old and still now as he enters his teens. Not being able to make him better has been a very painful path for me. I have often felt completely powerless and out of control – from not being able to ease his pain, to not being able to get a night of uninterrupted sleep. I remember those delightful times when my little one would do a poo just as I place him in the car seat in his best outfit to visit family! Aaaagh! Back in doors, strip him off, clean him up, find a new outfit, back in the car and now I’m late! I loathe being late!!! If I’d had some techniques to keep me calm I would have coped so much better and managed those frustrations more healthily. That’s when I learnt meditation and The Journey® processes. This was the beginning of a new way of life.

How is your book ‘Every Teacher Matters’ relevant to mums?

Everyone is a teacher and I believe mums (and dads) are the most important influence on a child’s life. It stands to reason you are their number one teacher! All the advice and techniques in the book are fully transferable from the school environment to the home. Mums are teachers at home. From the early years all the way to teens and beyond – how you respond to them, their moods and their problems will impact the way they behave and learn. Every Teacher Matters gives you practical advice and strategies to deal with challenging situations and improve interaction and relationships.

I haven’t got time to have a cuppa never mind read a book! Why is it so important to parents?

This is exactly why you must read the book! There never seems to be enough time as a mum. Time pressures generate rushing, rushing creates stress, and stress manifests unhealthy, reactive behaviour. Time is a real issue for every parent; I would dare say most people. We live in frenetic times where we are encouraged to cram as many activities and accomplishments into each day. Every Teacher Matters reminds parents how valuable and valued you are (even when appreciation seems thin on the ground from your kids!) It reminds you to slow down, to take time out for yourself and the value of this not only for yourself, but for your children. It demonstrates the importance of being mindful and how this can support you in times of stress.

I’m coping fine thanks, I don’t need help.

‘Every Teacher Matters’ is a book offering support and guidance. The best teachers always want to learn something new so that they can be the best they can be. I know you want to be the best mum you can be too! This book will help you with easy to implement, practical tools to assist you in your parenting. This book doesn’t suggest you can’t manage; its aim is to provide inspiration and encouragement to those who are doing what I believe is one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs in the world. It will give you ways to access even more resilience, patience, compassion (for yourself, your children and others) and a sense of peace even when the world around you is chaotic and a little bit crazy!

How can ‘Every Teacher Matters’ help me as a mum?

‘Every Teacher Matters’ will remind you how valuable you are – not only to your children and family, but to your community and to your world. It has simple, easy to apply techniques that will give you permission and eventually confidence to STOP! It is an invitation to be mindful with what you are doing –even if it is hanging out the socks! You can give yourself compassion, gentleness and love even during the mundane chores of the day and when you react when you could have responded differently. It will help you to stop rushing and be fully present with whatever you are doing. Most importantly it will help you be fully present with your children and the immense value of this for nurturing your relationship. If you want the best for your children, start with being the best you! This means serving your heart first, ensuring your needs are met ( yes I know this is such a big one), supporting your mental, emotional and physical health, asking for help when you need it and giving yourself permission to rest! Teach your children to value their well-being by being a living example.


Kathryn Lovewell provides Emotional Resilience Training for teachers and students. She supports groups and individuals. For over three years she taught Stress Management to male offenders at HMP Highdown. She has a worldwide vision to promote health and well-being in schools where heart centred teaching and learning is at the core of the school community.
For more information and to book her to speak contact
020 8643 9090

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