Helping your child with times tables

Parents are always on call with homework support. Times tables are essential for maths and children need quick multiplication skills throughout high school, college, and life. Mum and dad need a lot of patience to help their child work with and enjoy the quest of conquering these figures, but be sure that it is well worth it in the end. In this feature London Mums offer help and tools that will come in handy when helping your child with times tables.

Helping your child with times tables 2
1- Times tables sheets are easy to draw either with numbers in succession or mixed up. This is what the teachers use at school and is great for kids to keep practising them at home too. Once the child has completed a sheet, you need to reward him/her as it is quite tough and it looks like homework (well it is).
Helping your child with times tables
2- Test them anywhere anytime. Times tables are easy to test and you can do it at any given time and even in the car during transfers as apparently our PM David Cameron  does with his kids.
Make sure you praise and reward the children after doing their times tables.
3- Times Tables game. If you want to go the extra mile and make times table really fun (without any need for rewards!), I highly recommend Top of the Tables! Times Table Game by Learning Resources. It has a great lifespan as it is suitable for children aged 6 to 12. Parents can join in too.
Helping your child with times tables 3
The aim of the game is to master multiplication in order to shoot and score! It is a football match where the ball moves forward when calculations are done correctly.

This unique football themed game encourages players to focus on times tables from 2 to 14.

Helping your child with times tables 4

Players need to defend their team and tackle mental multiplication and times tables up to 12.

‘Premier league’ levels cover 13 and 14 times tables.

Take a look at Diego’s review showing how the game works.

The game includes

  • Football Stadium Base
  • 7 double-sided game cards
  • Spinner
  • 24 ‘Score’ question cards
  • 12 ‘Pass’ action cards
  • 6 football player markers
  • 6 Goal tokens
  • Multilingual activity guide and cards
  • Suitable for 2 players

It can be easy to learn times tables and fun after all.

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