FREE EVENT: Find out about changes to the 11+ examinations and interviews for 2018-19

At JK Educate, we are keen to share our many years of experience in education and help parents guide their children through the fundamental stages of school life.

As part of this service we deliver free talks for parents regarding key aspects of education, and our next talk will focus on the many changes being made to 11+ assessments over the next year or two.

11+ Talk for Parents

Katie Krais and I will discuss the changes which have been introduced for the 2018-19 11+ entrance exams. We will examine the current trends, including the Consortium schools’ new approach, and their impact on students’ learning.  The talk will also cover top tips for parents on how to support their children with these changes. An initial one hour presentation will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session.


Our offices on Lyttelton Road in Hampstead Garden Suburb (free parking in surrounding roads)


Tuesday, 22nd May 2018


Free entry

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Comments from parents who attended our last free talk:

“Very informative and beneficial.  Very confident speakers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.”


“Very well presented, with good explanations provided.”


“Really good talk.  Helped me to understand the testing process and how the 11+ system works.”

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