Tips to encourage your child’s writing

While lots of you may spend time reading with your child every day, when was the last time you encouraged them to write something they enjoy?

New research from the National Literacy Trust has shown that just one fifth of children (20.7%) write daily outside the classroom and more than a quarter of children (28.1%) say they rarely or never write something that isn’t for school.

This is particularly concerning as the research also shows that children who write outside the classroom every day are five times more likely to write above the expected level for their age, compared with those who never do so.

Here are some top tips for encouraging your child’s interest in writing as they grow up.


Be patient – children who have their writing corrected too often or are asked to write things out ‘properly’ can lose interest in doing it at all. It’s important to encourage your child rather than over-correct them.

Provide lots of fun writing materials – make sure your child has lots of paper, crayons, felt tips and pencils for your child so they can write whenever the mood takes them.

Lead by example – let your child see you writing and show them how you write. If you write down a shopping list, show your child what’s on the list and explain what it’s for. This will help your child see the value of writing as an everyday skill.

Praise your child’s writing – children who know that anything they write will be praised will write more often and will therefore get better at it. Make sure your child knows that you’re proud of their writing – you can even display it around the house.

Introduce technology – writing doesn’t just have to mean putting pen to paper. If using a computer motivates your child, encourage them to write emails and type up notes and stories.






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