Because I Am A Girl…

Plan International has been working for the past 70 years with children in developing countries to make sure that they enjoy the basic human rights that many people take for granted. So they have started an initiative called Because I Am A Girl to help people see the incredible potential of girls and the transformative effect that providing them with an education can have.

The campaign culminates with the first ever UN recognized International Day of the Girl on October 11th 2012. On this day, Plan need to show the UN that educating girls in developing countries must be a priority.

Currently the UN’s plans for education in the developing world do not contain the focus they need to even out the disproportionate education of boys to girls.

But with the UN’s new education initiative, Education First, launching this month, the time is now to shift their agenda. But we can’t get the UN to listen without a global movement of support.

The idea is asking 1 million people to raise their hand if they believe every girl has the right to an education. To get the message across we’ve made two great films that help tell the story.

Because I Am A Girl: Raise Your Hand Now! (with Freida Pinto)

She’ll learn 


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