Back-to-school shoes reviews

Here’s a rare photo shoot of my camera-shy 13 year old Diego with his new school shoes. I treasure these memories as he’s growing at the speed of light. 
Typically an Italian house is full of shoes. Mine is no different. We’ve got shoes for all occasions, sport, comfort. You are probably laughing but shoes are a big deal in my household.  

Diego’s Boys Senior School Shoes are from the Start-Rite COLLECTION TAILOR in size 40 RRP £54.99

As an Italian woman, for me the right shoes are crucial not just for fashion but also to keep my own and my son’s feet healthy. After all feet keep our bodies steady and stable so it is important to look after them. 
The quality of a shoe depends on the material it’s made of as well as the design for comfort. 
I cannot always go to Italy to get my shoes so I source them from the best British brands at times, or at least what I feel are great local manufacturers. 
My son, in particular, being also Italian, is a bit fussy with the choice of his shoes because he’s used to wear comfortable footwear. 
School shoes are the ones he wears the most and the ones that inevitably break easily. They have to be comfortable and have to meet certain requirements. When it comes to shoes, I am not prepared to compromise on quality. 
For his 9th year at school, Diego has chosen some stylish shoes made of leather from the latest Start-Rite collection for 2019. British heritage brand Start-Rite have always been his favourite school shoes because they are robust but comfortable at the same time. The latest collection is also very stylish and elegant. They look and feel of this footwear is  very Italian.
I am very proud to see him to go school every day looking smart and feeling confident in his clothing.

These smart T-bar Buckle School Shoes are from the girls’ Start-Rite Black Leather COLLECTION IMAGINE size 39 RRP £57.99. A cool black patent leather school shoe with t-bar fastening. Imagine comes with a chunky sole which is tough and strong but also flexible and lightweight. Stylish brogue punch detailing adds interest. Leather linings help feet breathe naturally.

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