Avoiding the Summer Slip

My name is Joanna Gibbs and I am the founder and director of SENsational Tutors Ltd., a leading special educational needs tuition company in London. I believe that summer holidays are not only a great time for families to relax and bond but also a great opportunity to help boost confidence, inspire curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning.

What is the summer slip?

Studies suggest that children lose 30% of their learning over the summer holiday. This learning loss is especially evident in children aged 10 and under who may not be actively stimulated during the long breaks from school and have a greater tendency to forget what they have learnt.

Supporting your child over the summer holiday doesn’t mean planning a rigid schedule of daily classes. There must always be plenty of time set aside to give them (and you) much needed R&R (rest and relaxation).

So how can you help prepare your child for the return to school in September?

One of my biggest tips is to remember that learning is best done when it’s fun. Mary Poppins once said; “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game”.

We learn best when we are playing games, having fun and being active. This is the backbone of how SENsational Tutors runs its tailor-made tuition sessions.

So when it comes to summer, there are many outdoor and indoor games that your children will already know and love which you can turn into simple booster sessions to gently encourage them to remember what they have learnt at school.

For example, garden treasure hunts can secretly be transformed into maths revision. Instead of hiding objects, hide maths questions and answers all over the garden.  A simple trip to the pool or lido can become a letter finding and spelling contest. Swinging on a swing at the park can help refresh times tables skills.

Every trip and every game played during the holidays is an opportunity for parents to encourage their children to remember what they already know or, better still, learn new things.  The best part is your child won’t even notice they are learning as they have fun!

Here are a few tips:

  • Set challenges before you visit museums and cultural attractions such as fact-finding missions. Look for a new exhibit and collect some facts about it to share with the family back home.
  • Visit your local library and enter a summer reading challenge!
  • Book a session with an inspiring and fun tutor or sign up to a fun summer camp.

Remember holidays are also a time for resting and recharging young brains so find a balance between relaxation and activity to keep them stimulated before they go back to school.

If you believe that your child may not be fulfilling their potential, SENsational Tutors Ltd. offer a series of fun and creative, 1:1 booster sessions throughout the summer holidays. Tailor-made based on your child’s interests, these will help target your child’s educational needs, build confidence and give them a fun boost to bridge the summer learning gap.


“Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”


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