How to avoid Summer regression

JK Educate debunk the myths around your child’s education. Avoid Summer Regression! We all hear how important it is that children avoid forgetting what they’ve learned and losing their learning momentum during the long holidays. This is often called Summer Regression, which sounds quite alarming, but in truth you can prevent it very easily!

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Are you wondering, like many other parents, “How can I support my child’s learning over the summer?” Whether you are staying at home, travelling overseas or taking day trips during the holiday, make sure you encourage your child’s curiosity about their surroundings – discuss the natural environment, history, architecture and the people you meet. Encourage your child to write a holiday journal, sketch what they see and lend them your mobile phone to record sounds or take photographs of things that most fascinate them. Join your local library and make visits there a regular part of the holiday routine, go to the theatre or cinema, listen to audio books whilst travelling (ideally with your child reading along from the book) and read to each other every day.

These tactics will all keep their brains active, but what about more focused learning, and preparing them for the move up into the next school year?


Prepare your child for their new school year

 So, what can you do?

Start by reading through end of year school reports and check the targets teachers have set, to form the basis of summer work at home.

Educational publishers provide excellent revision materials: CGP have lots of colourful practice books available, and Schofield and Sims, Lett’s and Scholastic all offer suitable materials for summer revision and learning.

Once your child has learned a topic, encourage them to test themselves and work through their mistakes to make sure they can find the answer, trying again if they’re not sure. Parents should only intervene once second attempts have failed and they really need further explanations and examples.  Try not to step in too early! Children need to be able to work successfully alone to really be sure their understanding is correct and they have embedded a new concept or way of working. They also feel a greater sense of satisfaction if they achieve this independently. However, if there’s an area of work with which your child continues to struggle, and you don’t feel able to help them, the summer might be just the time to consider some extra support. Some short-term tutoring during the summer break could provide the literacy or numeracy support your child needs, or could provide help gearing up for a new school.

Parents’ enthusiasm for learning is contagious and children will be far more eager to learn over the summer if they believe it is valued and it is approached in a positive and enthusiastic way, with rewards in place such as sticker charts and treats agreed together.


Relax and have fun!

So, there’s no need to worry about Summer Regression! Don’t overdo the formal studying either – fill the summer with fun and stimulating activities, rewards and positive feedback, and watch your children flourish and grow, ready for their new year….


Lorrae Jaderberg, JK Educate

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