A guide to making sure our kids get the right education, no matter what stage of life they’re at  

It is really hard bringing up children in today’s world. There are so many distractions that can occupy their attention – from mobile phones to the Internet, and of course Covid at the moment. However, with the right management, we can ensure our children get the right education. Here are the interventions worth putting in place at all the various stages of their life. 

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If the Child Is A Toddler, Encourage Them

If your kid is not yet at school, chances are they are at a stage of life where they may be learning to read and identifying objects. It is important to try and encourage them and be patient. Even if it doesn’t look like it, they are likely to be absorbing a lot. The important thing about this stage is that it’s the starting point for much of the other things that come in their education journey.


If the Children Are in Primary School, Teach Them

If your kids are in primary school, it’s important to watch over the assignments they are given, even if minor, over Zoom classes, independent learning and suchlike. It’s key to try and answer all the basic questions they ask and to try and assist them in school projects – whether it involves making a paper butterfly or a PowerPoint presentation.


If the Kids Are in Secondary School, Speak to The Teacher

When kids are in secondary school, there is far more risk that they will play truant and try to bunk off school. They could also be the class clown who is distracting everyone else from learning for the sake of attention, or they could be the school bully. This is why it’s important to try and have some involvement in your kids’ education without being the overbearing parent of a teenager! Try asking their class teacher for feedback as to what they are like during school hours to get a sense of how they are around others.


If the Kids Have Finished School, Consider an Online Course

If your children have finished school, they may be eager to take up jobs and earn money. Or they may have gone to university but decided it is not for them. In this case, an option such as Merrimack College online degree completion may be beneficial for them, because it could allow them to complete a degree from the comfort of their own home, perhaps while earning money part-time.


It might feel tiring to be so involved in your child’s education – you may even feel it’s not your role and should simply be up to the teacher but ultimately an education can pay dividends. It will likely lead to greater life satisfaction on their part, and perhaps greater guaranteed earnings for the rest of their lives. By putting in a bit of time now, you will likely save time further down the line. And most of all, encouraging your child’s education can be incredibly rewarding, because it allows you to see your kids grow into the humans you always knew they were capable of being.

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