5 Top tips: How to choose a tutor that is right for your child

All children are unique, and therefore they all require different forms of support at different times during their school career. Whether you are looking for encouragement for your child in one or various specific subjects to ensure they achieve the results they deserve, or if you want to help your child build resilience and grow in confidence, tutoring is broad in what it can offer.

But finding the right tutor for your child can be overwhelming. The industry is currently  unregulated, parents face the risk of hiring an unqualified, inexperienced and ineffective tutor at a time when professional support is so crucially needed.

Cognita, the UK’s largest independent school group, has launched CognitaTutoring: A new gold standard in online tuition. Cognita Tutoring believehttp://www.cognitatutoring.coms that fully qualified teachers make the best tutors to deliver truly inspiring online lessons and its provision is designed to complement what happens in the classroom, not substitute it.

Here are 5 top tips from Cognita Tutoring on what to consider when looking for a tutor: 

  • Look to the professionals: At Cognita Tutoring all tutors are qualified teachers, experienced in their chosen subject matter. With their knowledge of the curriculum, they can see where your child is and isn’t progressing and where they need to be, and they know what journey they need to go on to get there. They are qualified in effective strategies for learning.

  • Access the best teachers in the country: Because all sessions are carried out virtually, you never need to feel limited in any way by geographical restrictions. Connecting remotely, your children can benefit from access to some of the best teachers across the UK in Maths, English and Science for years 3-11, via Cognita Tutoring.


  • Maximise the benefits of technology for your child: ‘AI’ is all around us and recognising this, Cognita Tutoring has partnered with CENTURY – award-winning leaders in the EdTech space. The AI-driven ‘intelligent’ platform combines the very latest research in neuroscience with a highly personalised learning system that can define strengths and weaknesses in your child’s knowledge and tailor their learning accordingly.

  • Extend your experience (and the investment) beyond the sessions: After each online tutoring session, CENTURY’s micro lessons (known as ‘nuggets’) can be assigned by the tutor. These provide a customised learning path for your child between lessons too, that focuses on areas the child is struggling with. This can be particularly beneficial in promoting and nurturing self-confidence and independence, by ensuring that the child learns in an individual and focused way. 


  • Monitor your child’s progress: What sets Cognita Tutoring apart from its competitors, is the parent is involved every step of the way. Many parents sign up for tutoring, only to leave their child to their own devices and invariably at the end of sessions, children feel disillusioned, and parents feel short-changed. Cognita Tutoring ensures your involvement at every stage, and feedback is given between sessions. Every sixth session a mini ‘Parents Evening’ enables you to discuss your child’s progress with the tutor.


For further details please visit www.cognitatutoring.com

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