Do you know who invented the World Wide Web? Any idea what Percy Spencer created? This is no ordinary history book: 100 People Who Made History is a guide to the people and ideas that have changed the world we live in. This book contains all the people you’d expect to find, and plenty that you wouldn’t! Take a seat and meet the people who have shaped history and discover how they did it.

Inspirational inventors and thoughtful thinkers rub shoulders with political leaders, sports stars, and entertainers in five absorbing chapters. From Marco Polo to Marie Curie via Elvis Presley, this top 100 comes from all over the world, taking in all types of people. Packed with edgy graphics and plenty of quirky facts, each profile describes the major influences and tells true stories about the movers and shakers from our history.

As well as important biographical information, what you discover in this guide is that many great people were influenced by others who came before them. There would be no Facebook without the Internet, and no Internet without computers. And there would be no computers without the great mathematicians and philosophers of ancient times. So who’s the genius – Steve Jobs or Pythagoras? It’s a tough call, and that’s why there are feature panels called ‘They couldn’t have done it without…’ revealing the people who made earlier contributions to the cause.

Full of other facts that draw you in, this book also includes many unexpected nuggets of information. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind, or that there are an estimated 16 million descendants of Genghis Khan? 100 People Who Made History is just the book to fill you in on all these essential details. Proving that history can be exciting and relevant, let’s hear it for the heroes from throughout the ages! Those who have saved lives, those who’ve improved lives, and those who’ve made our lives just that bit more enjoyable.

Published on 1st February 2012

RRP £12.99

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