Shhhh…it’s the H word…

Unless you’re like my friend (what shall we call for the purposes of this blog?), Claire – who not only lost weight whilst pregnant, but turned into the most radiant person in the room and has keep the aura even 1 year on – you’ll have encountered at least one or two health & beauty issues whilst carrying your little one(s) or in the months soon after.

shhh health in pregnancy

The general consensus, after quizzing my friends at length, is that the dreaded, shhhh, H word, said in a very, very quiet voice… haemorrhoids, is quite possibly the most prevalent pregnancy related problem, and definitely the least talked about. Even I felt like we were having a taboo conversation when it finally came up. Needless to say, I am reluctant to tell my personal haemorrhoid story and the ridiculous treatments I tried to ease the pain, from lying in bed with ice-cubes, to taking two spoonful’s of hot paprika sauce every morning – the idea being that this would get more blood flowing and help them heal themselves. My only advice here would be “don’t try this at home!!”, especially when pregnant. I can testify to the fact that it will give you much worse heartburn than you already have and a bad bum. The only thing that has any chance of making them better are paracetamol’s & actually having you’re baby! Makes sense when you think about it, but in the midst of the horrendous pain, believe me, you will try anything!

My fight ended in a rather humiliating trip to Dr.Piles, who stuck a 10” needle up my behind, injected them with steroids and sent me packing, feeling thoroughly violated. Nice. Not.

So that is quite probably enough information for this blog.  I’m going to follow up all the beauty/health problems my friends have mentioned over the past few days  – hair falling out in clumps, dry, cracked skin, fingernail loss, swollen feet, sore teeth, stretchmark treatment and some of the things that can affect baby too, like eczema and craddlecap, when I’ve talked to someone about exactly how the body deals with nutrients in pregnancy.

In the meantime I leave you with a lighthearted story from my friend, told in her own words, that left me smiling after I asked for beauty or styling disasters since the birth of her baby, hopefully it will leave you smiling too:

“Tried on evening dresses with the personal shoppers at Selfridges, and took my little one when he was six months old. He puked on the floor as I was standing in a white Roland Mouret dress and Prada heels, I hobbled over to wipe it up and they sprang up and pulled me away from it as if it was battery acid. One of them was preggo too! They were very sweet about it.

If you have any beauty stories, questions or disasters of your own please email to me on

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