New and Inspired products tailored for you, your baby’s safety and wellbeing

London Mums’ favourite baby feeding essentials! Funky, fashionable, unbreakable but more importantly safe and cost effective.


Stephanie Sirota, Co Founder, one of eight bothers and sisters:
“After our mum survived cancer we wanted to develop a BPA -EA free product line with a style for today and the future.”

With the global mum in mind we have developed innovative an creative range of products to meet the needs of the new family. Mii™ provides Healthy, Smart and Safe options for baby’s wellbeing and mum’s piece of mind.

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Using the latest technology Mii™ has developed exciting products including Nurser bottles that reduces Colic, gas and spit up with no leaks, training and drinking cups to help the development of your baby’s health, to the innovative Hospital grade breast pump range.

All Mii™ products are unbreakable. Safe for infants. All bottles are Tested BPA and EA free against 80,000 chemicals suspected of estrogenic activity, have exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures and fully sterilisable.

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