The Secret to a good Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a woman’s secret weapon and the ace card that ensures a taut vagina; one that Protects against organ prolapse, Supports the organs in the correct anatomical position, Satisfies her intimate encounters and ensures she Stays Dry (continent) no matter what activity or social setting she finds herself in. Yes our pelvic floor can be the source of the most amazing pleasure or the most immense pain and embarrassment. Read below Jenni Russell’s secrets to a good pelvic floor.

Our pelvic floor is responsible for many things and yet we pay little or no attention to it! It is the foundation of the trunk, sitting at the bottom of the abdominal cavity ‘responsible’ primarily for the organs that sit on it, and ensuring the continence of our bladder and bowels for all our daily movements; run, jump, push, pull, twist, bend, lift, laugh, sneeze, cough etc. It must ensure the sphincters – which are like the sealants for our bladder and bowel do not realise anything prematurely.

Intimately, the pelvic floor is responsible for the increased sensations that a man feels as we are able to better ‘grip’ him and a well-conditioned pelvic floor can bring about the most amazing vaginal orgasms. and it is the pelvic floor and vaginal canal that bring forth life!
It is amazing then, that this vitally important gateway, is not the foundation of all exercise programs and the subject still remains taboo. You should not have to suffer from one of the many debilitating dysfunctions before you may be offered the limited service that usually leaves women with a sense of hopelessness about a positive outcome.

The pelvic floor, Does Not have to let you down! Incontinence is not a female’s destiny and vaginal laxity is not something that comes with natural childbirth!

An understanding of its role and responsibility and a six-week program on ‘functional’ pelvic floor awakening and conditioning can make life liberating and free from anxiety about your future.

You can approach the menopause with confidence. Discover the foods that optimise the plumpness of the vaginal canal coupled the right sensory exercise program and vaginal strengtheners that ensure and health you are in control at ALL times in ALL activities.

If you have never considered vaginal or pelvic floor health before and would like to know more about how you can “feel” and “enjoy” the difference in as little as six – twelve weeks (dependent on assessment) then contact and begin your road to a New You Today! Check out and book your place on our masterclass.

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