Orgasmic Birth, Oxytocin and Hypnobirthing  

Orgasmic birth or otherwise known as ecstatic birth is where a woman will feel an intense, powerful, pleasurable and sometimes orgasmic feeling when giving birth! The pleasure of childbirth which is backed by many studies has not made its way to the mainstream as many still believe it’s just not possible!

The physiological connection between sexuality and birth is massively overlooked within maternity care. In fact, the thought to some people is just plain urgh, but they’re missing the vital birth education which we DON’T learn leading up to or during pregnancy. Simple things like a private, calm and dark environment, love and support alongside effective antenatal education are all massive contributing factors towards its possibility. By understanding how SEX and BIRTH are truly and undeniably connected we are able to influence a powerful pleasurable birth experience. Bringing in the practicality of flicking the bean during labour can really increase the heights of your labour experience. Flicking the bean or otherwise known as stimulation of the Clitoris is an incredible tool to use. Studies show that this can literally turn off pain signals in an instant and with an orgasm comes a rush of oxytocin which we know is invaluable for our birth! A lot of people shy away from this however it’s becoming increasingly popular as a comfort measure! You can do this yourself, with a partner or using a silicone grade clean handheld mini vibrator! 

One of my followers and clients from Norway said ‘I just had my first birth experience, and it was so enjoyable and empowering’. She then went on to describe her labor as an orgasmic act of love. It was unique and powerful. I had a feeling of joy and pleasure. I controlled my mind, surrendering my body while giving birth. WOMEN, OUR BODIES CAN DO IT! WE CAN GIVE BIRTH AND ENJOY IT! 

Oxytocin, the hormone of love and bonding, plays the main role in SEX and BIRTH. Oxytocin is released during intimacy, love, bonding and MORE so during orgasms. It’s also the hormone that drives your labour. Once your baby has triggered the start of labour oxytocin starts flowing, in turn causing your uterus to contract. Throughout labour oxytocin increases along with the intensity  of your contractions. These beautiful contractions are a group of muscles pulling upwards to help dilate the cervix! It’s no secret that this is my fav subject and I talk about this ALOT. Oxytocin is the KEY to birth. It’s imperative. Without that oxytocin you are not giving birth! Women who fail to feel safe and loved, who fail to reach a point of surrender, safety and oblivion, will struggle to release enough oxytocin to reach the point of orgasm or to labour successfully to the point of ecstatic and natural birth. 

Hypnobirthing works hand in hand with pleasurable birth and touches more so on the antenatal education. We are having to unlearn what we think we knew about birth and relearn through reframing and building up positive connections within the brain! Hypnobirthing whilst extremely popular works for a lot of people, others find themselves unable to commit to the lengthy pool of information and techniques. This is where I am different. I understand that hypnobirthing is about the brain, it’s about what resonates with you and how we can make physical changes faster within our minds to really put us in good stead for birth. I utilise visuals, 5-7 minute videos and a down to earth approach which has mega effects on people almost instantaneously. We literally have the power to change a thought or a feeling in a matter of seconds, and I believe this doesn’t deviate away from birth either. By simplifying information, offering visuals and suggestive words I am able to offer tools, exercises and techniques which are changing the way we see birth and GIVE birth. 


I am Emma Armstrong aka The Naked Doula @thenakeddoula, an award-winning Birth Influencer, Qualified Hypnobirthing Coach and Educator (

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