Nursing Bra review

The one challenge that I remember when my son was a baby was the breastfeeding and the constant ‘boob in, boob out’ in public. I still have clearly in mind how delicate my breasts were while breastfeeding. I did it for 20 months so it was quite draining and the bra problem was initially serious. Before finding a decent bra from Mothercare (the business has gone bust since), I had to almost fully undress every time I had to feed my baby. Nursing bras were not as comfortable and practical 12 years ago as they are now.

The best on the market is probably the latest nursing bra range by Platinum award-winning maternity lingerie brand, Bravado Designs. At £34 it is soft on the skin, easy to use and robust enough to last for a long time – I reckon up to 3 years. 

The new Body Silk Seamless collection offers bras in lots of neutral colour options including the warm hues of Cinnamon and Cocoa, perfect for complementing all skin tones.

The idea behind this collection is to bring out all mamma’s glowing skin tones, rather than just blend with them.

For me a nursing bra is THE number one essential that needs to be included in any maternity wardrobe.

Breasts increase in size while breastfeeding. These bras are also available in a full cup option, ideal for mums’ size F-GG. 


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