Top 10 Tips on Organising a Kids Party

Parents dread that day of the year where they need to get a bunch of kids entertained and happy. Here are my helpful tips on organising your kids party – a step by step guide through a stress free process of planning your child’s birthday. kids party

Plan early. Most stress is caused when parents leave things to the last minute. Start planning 6 – 8 weeks ahead. This sounds like a lot but when you consider you may need a venue, children’s entertainer, etc. they get booked up early and if you leave it too long you may spend twice as long looking, because others have beat you to the punch.

The venue  You can have you party at home, but it makes life easier if you hire a hall. The thought of 30 kids running around your home is probably enough to send any parent mad anyway!

The entertainment – Nowadays parents book a children’s entertainer because it minimises the stress of organising activities themselves. With children’s entertainers being more in demand than ever before, the choice of entertainment has become huge e.g. magicians, clowns, themes, discos, or less traditional options like science parties, bubble parties. You really do have a lot of exciting options on offer for your little one’s big day, instead of the usual pass the parcel.

kids party

Do invites early – There’s nothing worse than sending out your invites, having booked your venue, and entertainer, only to find another parent in your kids class is having a party the same day! To avoid rescheduling and redoing everything, make sure you get your invites out early.

Party food – You can make this as simple or as involved as you like, depending on how much time you have! If you want to make things easy, then finger food is the way forward.  Sandwiches are always a winner, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, grapes, crisps, mini pizzas, fun size sweets or chocolate bars, strawberries, pineapple chunks. Have a nice balance of healthy food, as well as chocolates, sweets and nice party treats. For drinks, juice boxes are nice and easy to give out.

The cake – No party is complete without a birthday cake. There are so many wonderful options too. You can of course go to your local cake shop to have it made for you. Or you can have fun with your kids at home, making it yourself. To avoid stress and rushing around, try to get this done 3 days before your party.

kids party

Party bags – If you’re hiring an entertainer, they can usually bag these up for you at an extra cost, which makes life easy, or you can nip into any fun toy shop and have a go at making your own. Pocket sized toys and sweets are usually popular as party bag items.

The big Day! Start setting up the hall an hour before e.g. table for tea, decorations, etc. Once the kids have turned up, if you’ve hired a children’s entertainer then they should take over from then on. Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

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